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Barbie is back!

Barbie is back! Barbee drops hot music video ā€˜Just Like Thatā€™ The voluptuous singer Barbie has been seen on the local stage for a while, but she has been quietly doing her thing on the international scene. Her new single and music video ā€˜Just Like Thatā€™ has announced her intention to reestablish her presence in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The video which was recently released in the Caribbean has been getting some positive reviews with people loving its high quality and also for it being very entertaining. Barbee dubbedRead More
New York, NY – Trinidad-based Optimus Productions TT releases its electrifying soca compilation Optimus Riddim ā€“ Various Artists, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on March 18, 2014, with pre-order available on March 4, 2014, distributed by FOX FUSE. Optimus Productions TT makes its international debut with this album by now having its music digitally distributed worldwide exclusively by FOX FUSE, and thus bringing its unique island flavors to music lovers everywhere. Producer Jesse John is at the helm of Optimus Productions TT and is thrilled to have hisRead More
Basically, 120 beats per minute created a problematic pulsating rhythm from Studio B entitled ā€œBomb Dropā€. The root of the production process was grounded with a vintage soca sound style. A bubbling bass drum captivates the reveler and causes an inevitable movement, a wine or a bubble. Ardent supporters just love that one repetitive melody, (the guitars in this case) which they can hum and voice easily when lyrics are hard to find the tongue. The collaboration of Saddis and Lead Pipe, members of the Most Wanted Entertainment group, expertlyRead More

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Jacob Cino F. LAZAbeam & Teknique – DROP [2013]

“After experiencing Trinidad Carnival for the first time Jacob Cino a Canadian electronic producer and DJ returned to Canada with a new appreciation for Soca. Inspired he decided to come back to Trinidad the next year in 2013, but this time with the ambition to release his own Soca tune. Teaming up with the wildly talented Trini Producer LAZAbean , he and Jacob cooked up some magic in the Lab. Doing most of the vocals them self with a special guest appearance from Teknique the track is a modern dayRead More