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After years of wearing many hats in the NYC music scene, Jason Scott Henderson is finally following his passion as solo musician GETOVERHER. “I’m a moody Scorpio, therefore I’m constantly either pushing someone away who loves me or I’m seeking the attention of someone who could care less.” he says. “I’m not perfect and I never will be but I am self-aware and willing to share all of my insecurities with anyone who needs to relate.” After riding shotgun withBoyslashfriend, GETOVERHER is ready to take the wheel and steer hisRead More
  Likkle Lightning Six Songs Away From Completing His Album Likkle Lightning is in Jamaica working on the last six tracks needed to complete his debut album. Though he and his team are a bit behind schedule, the artist is still hopeful that the project will be ready for the initially announced release date of September 2015. The album will feature already released tracks; ‘mama Africa,’ ‘temptation,’ ‘early morning splash’ and ‘matey laugh.’ When asked what is the reason for the delay, it was explained that after reaching out toRead More
Since the success of Camille Kaye’s mixtapes “Bad Nuh…!”, and “14Kaye” which both earned her nominations with the Official Mixtape Awards in the UK two years in a row, there has been an overwhelming interest to see what she is going to come out with next. “Solstice” will be her first album, which will be released independently by MidiLord Inc. on June 21st 2013. The album will have a mix of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, and R&B groves all tailored to fit Camille Kaye’s unique style. “Solstice” will be aRead More
New York, NY – Dancehall star Stein (formerly known as Einstein) breaks out with his debut album All Or Nothing, slated for a June 25, 2013 worldwide release from FOX FUSE. Born Jermaine Lee-King in St. Thomas, Jamaica, Stein’s music reflects his diverse Chinese-Afro heritage and echoes an eclectic edge that secures a place for his sound both at home and abroad, with international audiences. Bubbling with 15 sizzling tracks and three satirical skits, All Or Nothing is a bonafide showstopper that offers up Stein’s modern take on dancehall music,Read More