New York City’s real recognize real. Such is the case with Jason Scott, now known for R&B and hip-hop offerings as GETOVERHER, recently tapped Vashtie (Downtown’s Sweetheart) to unveil his new song and video titled, “Bad Timing.”

“The mesmerizing visual,” according to Vashtie.com, takes a deeper dive into the GETOVERHER’s narrative of love. “I can’t commit. Will you be patient? My arms in twist. I must resist. Since my conscious chimes in. It’s just bad timing,” he professed.

He admits the track is heavy on emo, the opposite of what is expected during the summer season when trending songs have a brighter and more energetic tone. Jason Scott’s ability to swim upstream is a sign of how he is an anti-conformist. The video is an ode to Destino, an animated film by Walt Disney & Salvador Dali. The imagery is remixed by Johan Chiriboga to sync with the instrumental produced by MNTN. GETOVERHER’s songwriting, Chiriboga’s art direction and MNTN’s musicianship  on “Bad Timing” is a follow-up to their contributions to last year’s Low Key project by Feel Up Records signee, BOYSLASHFRIEND.

Previously, GETOVERHER premiered his debut single, “Baby Oil” on TheFADER.com.


Jason Scott Henderson has been a curator and participator of New York’s underground music scene for over 10 years. He is one of the few young Black men influencing the city’s taste in music by introducing them to the rapping, singing and DJ talents of his friends (NiRE, BOYSLASHFRIEND, Fat Tony & Tom Cruz), including his own baritone voice that utters addictive melodies and profound lyricism.

Jason’s story climaxed last year when he hosted Boiler Room’s 5-year anniversary at Brooklyn’s Good Room. He also celebrated the growth of BPMLWRLVL, an underground music series he founded in 2012. Through such events, he has formed a compelling resumé. His DJ career is also bubbling. In October 2015, he performed a live DJ set on Sway in the Morning. This February the Chillin Island crew (Dapwell of Das Racist, Despot and Lakutis) interviewed Jason Scott on their Know-Wave.com radio show.

Jason Scott’s finger is not just on the pulse of music, he is the heartbeat. This spring, GETOVERHER toured key U.S. markets with Beyoncé’s “it” producer MeLo X and BOYSLASHFRIEND. Expect  GETOVERHER’s forthcoming album, BLACKWATCHSAD this summer ’16. It will feature production by Helix & Neana of Night Slugs, Joseph Marinetti, MNTN, DJ Mario Bee, El Blanco Niño & Bassbear, recorded at Red Bull Studios, NY.

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