Singing Melody Releases Video for Collide

Kingston, Jamaica – October 2011; With the global success of Singing Melody’s song “Collide” Shem Music Group has just released the video, adding momentum in market anticipation for the January 17th, 2012 release of the artists forthcoming album ‘They Call Me Mr. Melody.’

The video, shot entirely on location in Kingston, Jamaica, flows with the theme of a couple who is separated due to a mistake made on the part of the man. That mistake sees his in jail for some time, causing both he and his girl to reflect on happier times they experienced together. Singing Melody is the driving force throughout the video as his character drives the bus which connects the memories from the past, with the reconciliation of the future.

While on the set of the video shoot, Singing Melody was asked why he played the role of the bus driver, and not the male lead to which he replied “I liked the idea of me driving the bus because of what the bus represents in the video and to the theme of the song. The bus is just as important as the couple going through the difficulty!”

The video’s director, Asha McHail, from Far Eye Films, achieves video and cinematic success as audiences are held to the story displayed in every second of the video whose run time is 4:17. As for the plot twist at the end, the director says “we wanted to tease the audience and give them a surprise ending!”

Fans can see the full video on Singing Melody’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SingingMelodyJM or by requesting the video from their favourite music channel across the Caribbean!

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