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Guyanese Reggae Shines On New Compilation 'Higher Level' – SSignal Productions (Music Inside)

New York, NY – Featuring the crème de la crème of Guyana’s rich and diverse reggae music scene, new compilation Higher Level – Various Artists shines internationally as it is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released on September 2, 2014), from FOX FUSE. Produced by Guyanese production house SSignal Productions, Higher Level is reminiscent of classic reggae and breaks new ground for the featured local acts, and also for Guyanese reggae, on the whole.

The 10-track opus features a mix of Guyanese stars and rising sensations, including Charmaine Blackman, Bonny Alves, Francine Hendricks, EGO, Devon Denny, Amanda Peters, Dawn Edwards, Abigail James, Jada Harry and Natoya London, and brings sweet sounds and smooth songs for reggae aficionados everywhere.

Established in 2002, Higher Level is a pet project that has long been in the works for SSignal Productions, and everyone involved is thrilled to finally see its global debut. “This has been the most significant development since our existence,” states Bonny Alves, CEO of SSignal Productions and a featured artist on Higher Level. Charmaine Blackman, also a featured act on the album and the General Manager of SSignal Productions adds, “This is the opportunity we have been dreaming of.”

SSignal Productions prides itself on crafting a fusion of sounds that is representative of the diversity in Guyanese culture, and thus, its music. Blending R&B with reggae, pop, chutney, soca, dancehall, jazz, rock, rhythm poetry and Guyanese folk has served up numerous hits for the team, over the years. Many of those influences are evident on Higher Level, offering up an eclectic group of entertainers and making this alluring and aptly named compilation a memorable album, and a keeper, for all music fans.

Higher Level – Various Artists is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers.


1. Charmaine Blackman – Jah, Jah Will Lead Us
2. Francine Hendricks – Teenage Pregnancy
3. EGO – To the Club
4. Devon Denny – My Shinning Star
5. Bonny Alves – Take a chance with Me
6. Amanda Peters – Thank you Lord
7. Dawn Edwards – This is Goodbye
8. Abigail James – Secret Admirer
9. Jada Harry – Surround yourself with Positive People
10. Natoya London – Music Is

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