Sanjay's Intense Wining Contest

The Intense Dancehall artiste, Sanjay has released his new single and this time he is telling the ladies to “Wine Like You Love Me”! This up-tempo, high energy song is sure to get the ladies moving on the dance-floor as it blends hardcore Dancehall rhythm with a pretty sounding musicality not always typical of the genre.

Sanjay says he wanted to experiment and make the song appealing to the authentic Dancehall markets but still very musical and bright and happy sounding as seen with the use of extensive harmonies and interesting keyboard phrases. “Recently, a lot of the wining songs targeting the ladies have been pretty raw and hardcore, I wanted to do something with a more sexy feel to it” Sanjay explains.
Not only has the artiste dropped the single, but he also has a “Wine Like You Love Me” promotion going on where all ladies are encouraged to do a dance routine to the song and email it to sanjayisthename@gmail.com. Shortlisted finalists will then be announced and on November 5th, the female with the most likes on her video will win for herself a brand new Blackberry 9360!

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