ONE MIC 'the Artistic Movement' Launch Internationally November 2012

ONE MIC ‘the Artistic Movement’
Launch Internationally
November 2012

In recent years there have been a decrease in events, which showcase the artistic talent and creativity of our Caribbean entertainers; with the exception of a few concerts. We have been bombarded with events featuring 15 – 20 artists all scheduled to perform and showcase their talent within five hours. Therefore, we at Destine Media and D’events ask the question; How will an artist fanbase grow? How will the fans get to know the true talent and creativity of the artist performing before them? How can an artist really shine on a stage in 5-10 minutes? How will fans respect the craft and talent of ‘real artists’ if the artist is not given the opportunity to prove themselves?

The majority of promoters no longer host concerts. Instead promoters are compelled to place an artist on a birthday party or an annual DJ celebration, in order to keep the party atmosphere and receive the support from patrons. Our Caribbean Entertainement sector is rarely showcased in an artistic manner or supported with the proper production. These ‘shows’ have become parties mixed with a twenty (20) minute performance set from the hired artist and then its back to the party.

As a result we have a culture of music, which is no longer seen to the masses and fans as a craft that has been nurtured or a talent that has been groomed. We begin to hear people say;”No good artist are around anymore”, “The music gone to the dogs”, “Dancehall dead”, “No good Reggae Music is coming out of Jamaica again”.

Destine Media beg to differ, the music and talent is still there but the platforms are no longer provided for the talent. We no longer have a multitude of DJs willing to play new music or ‘one drop’ music. We believe our culture lacks a proper platform to showcase talent, artists lack the proper promotion and we are begining to pigeon hole what the masses should hear.

Destine Media a boutique Media Management Company based in New York City currently representing two of Jamaica’s most prominent reggae and dancehall artist; Anthony B and Konshens; along with D’events a corporate communications company in Kingston, Jamaica has decided to start a monthly event titled “One Mic, ‘The Artistic Movement”.

One Mic,(New York) will only feature one artist per event. During this event the artist will be allotted anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour of stage performance time accompanied by an acoustic set. We decided to strip the band from five (5) instruments to two (2) or three (3) instruments instead. Destine Media strongly believe that having only two (2 ) or three (3) instruments accompany the artist, will showcase them in their pure form. We believe the talent and creativity of an artist will shine so much more with less.

The artist and musical director will take the time out to produce a special set performance. This will resonate with the audience as something different and provide them with an opportunity to see the artist with less “frills” stripped of all the extra “stuff”.

One Mic, is not only a great platform for the artist to shine, but is also a great platform for the audience to ask questions and get to know what were some inspirations behind the artist career and musical journey.

One Mic, (New York) is an event currently like no other in New York. The environment is a learning art space that is conducive to the art and the enjoyment of music. Galapagos Art Space, the home of One Mic (New York), is a 9,000 sq ft Obie Award winning cultural venue located in the historic DUMBO area of Brooklyn. The guests are seated on 1600 sq ft of indoor lake; a building with island seating surrounded by a beautiful operatic style mezzanine.

One Mic, ‘The Artistic Movement’ will help to elevate the perception of Caribbean music and culture as well as bring a resurgence of patrons attending concerts to enjoy an artistic moment.
One Mic will launch on Wednedsday, November 28th in Brooklyn, New York at Galapagos Art Space and on Friday, November 30th in Kingston ,Jamaica at Daily Perc Cafe at 23 Haining Road (New Kingston).

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