Precision Productions in Collaboration with Triniyard invite you to embrace the mystical SunDance Riddim!

Inspired by the sacred North American Indian ceremony, and brought to you through the collaboration of Triniyard and Precision Productions, we present to you the mystical mingling of music, the earth’s soul, and mankind’s praises to the sun: The SunDance Riddim

This effort marks another progressive step by the members of Triniyard who over the years have given you such exclusive events as: SunDance Glow (Chaguaramas Golf Course), SunDance Anniversary (Bowen Marine) and SunDance Glow 2 (Jean Pierre Complex).

After successfully drawing thousands in with their unsurpassed service, the team now joins with Precision to give the waiting public the unique experience of having their very own party soundtrack.

Given the magnitude of such a step forward for the Triniyard and Precision teams, only the most select voices could have been summoned in order to ensure that the songs created would elevate attendees to a perfectly numinous state of mind.

Taking listeners on this transcending journey are: popular dancehall artist Aidonia, current Soca Monarch Machel Montano, the well-loved Kees Dieffenthaller who is teaming up with the very animated Mr. Killa, all alongside upcoming singing and writing sensation Sekon Sta, and St. Vincent’s irrepressible Skinny Fabulous.

Additionally, just as the Native Americans believe their traditional SunDance is necessary for the renewal of the creative energies of the earth, Triniyard believes that this premier party is needed to remind Carnival patrons that first class service, security, and pure enjoyment still exists within our festival.

With this in mind, revelers are invited to let their inhibitions go into the night as they dance into the dawn embracing the sun’s morning warmth.

Both teams encourage all listeners to let the power of the music in the SunDance Riddim revive their faith in unforgettable party experiences, as this event expands its reach from Trinidad to Kingston, Jamaica, and even beyond to Toronto, Canada, in the year to come.

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