Saluting Ashley Murray Tropicalfete’s Music Educator

The daughter of a Trinbagonian calypsonian, prominent musician and music teacher, Ashley Murray has been exposed to music from an early age. She began playing the guitar and recorder at the age of 6. Then, at age 11, she joined the Signal Hill Secondary School Steel Orchestra in Tobago, under the leadership of Mr. Frank Stanislaus. Ashley unreservedly spent hours practicing the steel pan and teaching and encouraging others to do the same. Academically, she holds a distinction in both Level I and II of the Republic Bank’s Pan Minors Music Literacy Program. She later went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Brooklyn College. While Ashley did not continue formally studying music; her love for the art has never been far from her heart. Presently, Ashley serves as the Musical Instructor of TropicalFete’s Steel Pan Ensemble. Her passion is a delicate balance between Music and Technology and dreams to surely merge the two disciplines.

How do you feel about receiving the Caribbean Life Impact Award? 
It is indeed an honor to receive the Caribbean Life Impact Award. To be recognized for something that has been such an integral and inextricable part of my life is indeed an overwhelming feeling. When I share my love for Music, it is with an understanding of how powerful Music is. I am mindful of how music has helped me throughout my life and how it can help others. Receiving this award gives a different meaning to the work that I do. No one sets out on a path to be honored but it is deeply reassuring and humbling when it happens. It shows that my work is appreciated and deserving. It helps build my confidence and assures me that I am traversing a good path. As I continue to strive towards greater heights, this award shines light on the future.

Who most inspired you along the way in your personal path and work path?

My family, friends and life experiences have all molded and steered me unto this path. I’m fortunate to have a very supportive family and a circle of friends who have kept me grounded. My mother has been my number one supporter from day one. She is always encouraging me to pursue my passions, whatever they may be. She has sat through countless late practices, noisy nights and pep talks. I’ve watched as she worked hard at solving various problems. I, too have that desire to solve problems and to help others. This desire coupled with my uncle has inspired and influenced my path towards Technology. My students are also a tremendous source of inspiration. They inspire me to grow and develop musically and as an educator, so that I can assist them to the best of my abilities.


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