Redefining Exercise. Anatomie Promises To Spread Wellness of Body & Mind Across T&T


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. September 18, 2014———- There’s absolutely no justification now, for any Trinidad and Tobago national to be living an unfit or unhealthy lifestyle- this of course, following the August launch of something simply called, Anatomie. It’s a homegrown option for starting T&T’s unfit on a path to physical fitness and wellness and it’s knocking on every door, across the nation.

Pioneered by well-respected fitness instructor, Derron Roberts, the all-inclusive but non-exclusive fitness program, dubbed Anatomie is set to change the dynamic of gyming as we know it, with each week that goes by. With delivery to audiences via two media options, television and social media, Anatomie will allow for interactivity all day, everyday. Roberts, an ISSA Certified fitness instructor is a well-known independent fitness trainer who has been in the business of healthy living for the past 10 years.

The 30-minute health and fitness program airs weekdays at 5am on CCN TV6 and according to Roberts, Anatomie will be structured to suit the needs of every person who faces challenges when it comes to physically making it to the gym. The show will deal with exercise of course, but while this is at the core of the program, other areas such as nutrition, fitness facts and myths of wellness and fitness, in addition to a meal-planning segment that will encourage healthy consumption habits, can be expected.

Described by the Anatomie team as a fun and demonstrative option for persons who are constrained by the daily rigors of life- health and fitness has never sounded more attainable. Roberts’ specialization in performance nutrition from the International Sports and Sciences Association will certainly be an asset for anyone who takes on the challenge of obeying his every command. Via social media, Roberts says newcomers to the fitness arena will benefit from general nutrition and fitness facts and advice, complete with direct communication with individuals who may have specific questions or concerns about anything so related. With the Facebook following already growing, others interested on changing their lives once and for all, are encouraged to visit www.facebook.com/myanatomie to start making that change. “It’s all about setting a standard and promoting a lifestyle,” said Roberts.

The show is being produced by Hand To Hand Productions. One person at the centre of the production house said, “Now there’s no excuses, everyone can live that healthy lifestyle with just a small amount of effort. Get up, suit up and join the Anatomie team.”.

Hand To Hand Productions has been at the fore of other programs that have focused on personal development and inspiration to youth. This time around however, the production house is lending support to an initiative that will undoubtedly help many, from all walks of life.

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