KC Jockey's "Toast To The Dads" Debuts on iPhones Everywhere Today via Disney's Tap Tap Revenge: Tour

Karl-Marx Waite of Sweet Sadie’s Records announced today that the wait is over! Pop/R&B artist KC Jockey’s single “Toast To The Dads,” which has been steadily climbing the charts and exploding in video views along with his other singles, is debuting today on Disney’s new iPhone app, Tap Tap Revenge: Tour. The app is the most recent in the game’s series. The original version, Tap Tap Revolution was released in September 2007, and the series continues to be one of the most popular games available to iPhone users.

KC Jockey commented, “This is really an exciting time for me. The music that I make, which has relevance and meaning, is not only resonating with my fans, but is now popular in the world of digital media and corporate America as well. That’s a good feeling because every word and lyric comes from the heart and addresses issues of concern to me that affect all of us in one way or another. It’s a testimony to the fact that people still love music with a message. Yes, fans want to dance, but they want to be inspired, motivated, and touched as well. I’m blessed that I am able to write from my heart and have it celebrated by such a phenomenal company as Disney.”

Commenting on “Toast To The Dads,” Paul Anderson of The Entertainment Bank said, “Much respect goes out to KC Jockey for his very hip and happening tribute to all of the great fathers and dads of the world. There are many men who are providing for and nurturing their children, yet all we seem to hear about are those who aren’t so great. With “Toast To The Dads,” KC Jockey sings a passionate tribute to his own father and all others who are striving to do the right thing. It’s a strong single with positive, heartfelt lyrics that will touch any real dad’s heart, and make those who are failing for whatever reason rethink their positions and remember the honor that comes with this responsibility. This is such a great message, and like all of KC Jockey’s songs, it’s set to an up tempo pop/R&B beat infused with reggae that is great for dancing or just listening to. The music is excellent, and as always, I’m impressed by KC Jockey’s commitment to all things positive. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk as well.”

KC Jockey attributes the success of his music to his unique style of combining pop, R&B, and reggae with a topic that will have meaning and relevance for a lifetime. “The music I make is timeless and significant. It’s deep, and when you have a good sound and a good message, people are drawn to it.” KC Jockey owns his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Records.

The video for KC Jockey’s latest song, “Livinin Love,” was released just 3 weeks ago, and already has more than 675,000 views on YouTube. “Girl, You’re Free,” has been riding the wave of success for well over a year now, and has over 745,000 YouTube views.

“Toast To The Dads,” “Livinin Love,” and “Girl, You’re Free” can all be purchased on iTunes or Amazon.com.


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