Pop Artist Sade Serena Makes Big Screen Debut

New York, NY – Pop sensation Sade Serena spirals onto the big screen with her acting debut in new flick Percentage. Starring Cam’ron, Omar Gooding and Macy Gray, Percentage is set in Sade Serena’s hometown of Miami and is a new take on the crooks-versus-cops concept that makes for an action-packed crime drama. It was released on Netflix on April 24, 2013 and is available worldwide via Netflix’s online digital channel.
In Percentage, Sade Serena’s takes on the role of the sassy, tomboy best-friend-from-the-block of supporting character “Flaco,” played by actor Antwon Tanner. Shooting took place back in October of 2011 with the hotbed of Miami as its backdrop. “I’ve always wanted to be a performer, both as a singer and an actress,” reveals Sade Serena. “When this role in Percentage came my way, it was perfect because they were shooting in Miami right where I live, so it was easy to work it into my schedule. I was working on my music at the time, so it was awesome to be able to get started in both of my dream careers at the same time.”
Riding on the success of her debut single “Tonight,” which showcases her sultry vocals over a sizzling pop electronica rhythm, Sade Serena has been making the rounds on radio and events to promote her single. The track was recently remixed by Grammy-nominated producer Mike Rizzo and the “Tonight Remix” is currently in rotation on Party 105.3 FM in Long Island, New York. Both the original mix and the remix are gaining traction on pop and rhythmic radio across the U.S. market, bringing this first generation Jamaican-American her taste of success.

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