Reggae singer Chardavid, aka Iley Dread, mourns the loss of his father
Reggae singer, Chardavid, also known as Iley Dread and by his given name, Colin Levy, is mourning the loss of his father, Reginald Levy.
The elder Levy passed away on Wednesday, September 25, while a patient at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James.
He had been battling prostate cancer and had undergone two surgeries in September, from which he never recovered.
A devout member of the Rastafarian community, Reginald Levy raised his seven boys and three girls firmly grounded in the faith.
“My father, first and foremost was a very spiritual man. Although he had been diagnosed with cancer, he was still very strong up until the time of the first surgery. Afterwards, he was in a lot of pain and was told that he needed to do a second surgery. We all felt that he would have been better after that, but, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and he never went home after that. His passing is unexpected and it has left a void in the lives of his children and his grandchildren who loved him dearly,” Colin Levy said.
Chardavid remembered his father as a very loving, hard-working man of the soil who went about his daily life without complaining.
Reginald Levy, popularly known as Bongo Reggie, was born on March 17, 1937 in Chester Castle in Hanover.
According to eldest son, Kirk, after the post-mortem, which will be performed on October 5, the family will provide details of the funeral arrangements.

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