Morgan Heritage Musical Director "DREZION" releases his 1st EP "Sounds Of Zion"

Musical Director and lead keyboard for one of Reggae’s biggest band “Morgan Heritage”, Drezion wears many hats. He is also the ceo and head producer for Tenament Yard records, and has now finally launched his long awaited EP “Sounds Of Zion”
The EP consists of 5 tracks that he chose out of his vast catalog for their personal meaning. From a collaboration with reggae artist “Naptali” to his spin on a Black Uhuru song, Drezion has produced each track on the EP between touring the world.
1 Cool As the Breeze (feat. Naptali) – Drezion
2 Italina – Drezion
3 My Boo – Drezion
4 One a These Days – Drezion
5 Standing At di Window – Drezion
The musical director and keyboard player for Morgan Heritage, producer and singer André ‘Drezion’ Bailey is exploring the arena of the artiste.
The former Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMC) student explained that music had been a passion of his since growing up and that he listened to a wide variety of older artistes. “By listening to those guys, it inspired me to become a musician,” he said.
“When I was younger, I listened to Bob Marley and Sizzla. Mi start fool around with it and realised that I was good at doing it. But I was more interested in the rhythmic section. From you can play an instrument, singing comes naturally after that because you know keys,” Bailey told The Sunday Gleaner, noting that he played drums, guitar and bass guitar before moving on to the keyboard.

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