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Montserrat’s Christmas Festival/ our Carnival continues to be the most significant Festival on Montserrat’s cultural calendar, a time at which we embrace and celebrate all things Montserratian. Now in its 51st year our Carnival bears great historical, economic and cultural significance to the people of the Emerald Isle, offering a prime opportunity to showcase our history, heritage, culture and creativity.

The highlights of our Carnival are the Festival Queen Show, Calypso Monarch Competitions, Market Day, Festival Day and New Year’s Parade. Other Private promotions which have become ‘hot tickets’ items are Sunrise Productions Teenage Pageant, Punch and Get Out Soca Monarch, the Regional Female Calypso Competition and Fabulous Entertainments Legends of Calypso. This year Montserrat Festival will feature The Legendary Imaginations Brass, from Rock City, St. Thomas and the popular Antiguan Band, ‘Cheesecake Factory’.

Through hard work, our enthusiastic and dedicated teams of volunteers have created a fantastic Christmas Festival Calendar and are pleased to share this with our stakeholders, Carnival visitors and enthusiasts alike, under the tag line #JUSTCOME.

Our social media channels allow us to continue the marketing thrust established over the past two years.

Over the past two years we have embarked on a few initiatives, which brought added value to our Festival and recognition to our sponsors via a comprehensive Sponsorship Package.
We continue to believe that quality production, volunteer recognition, and real sponsorship value must be the hallmark of Montserrat Festival as we consolidate on the strides made over the past two years and continue to be innovative and aim to further strengthen our Premier Cultural Festival.

We invite you all to #JUSTCOME to Montserrat Festival 2013 between 14th December to 1st January 2014.

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