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MAS2TV takes “Caribbean Culture” live and direct to any screen, globally!

The much-anticipated Caribbean Over the Top (OTT) platform, MAS2TV was launched chalked filled with content that is unique to the Caribbean culture and aesthetic. The event took place at Sweet Chick Restaurant in NYC, with some notable guests attending, such as, Pat Meschino of Billboard, Michael Prinville a producer from NBC, actress Kandyse McClure and former footballer and TV Personality Robbie Earle.

A year in the making, the platform was brought to market at a press gathering in New York City, where Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President Dianne Bissoon, promised to lend her close to 15 years of TV Industry experience to ensure the development and growth of the Caribbean Film Industry with the platform.

With industry giants such as COMCAST and Cable and Wireless under her belt in terms of TV marketing, programming and strategy, the native Trinidadian is a force to be reckoned with and is sure to deliver on her promise.

The MAS2TV acronym stands for Multiculturalism, Art, Society, and Sports Television; and the platform, which is available, online, Apple Devices, Android Devices and Roku Boxes, intends to bridge the gap between distributing quality Caribbean Programming to the world and bringing relevant and interesting programs into the Caribbean.

Subscriptions for the channel are US$6.99 per month or US$69.99 annually for premium content, and it also gives you access to free content and music videos. This module, used by industry giants such as Netflix and Hulu also allows for filmmakers to earn income from their properties when they are licensed to the platform – a huge win for the emerging film market! Over the next year the organization also aims to bring Original Programming and live streams of cultural events and festivals live and direct from the region. The platform itself has hit the ground running, only 5 days out of the door and it has already received a 4 star rating on Roku.

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