Love so nice, they'll have to do it twice in New York, NY

Junior Kelly’s passion for his craft was as palpable as the excitement inside the Rose Garden and as he entered centre stage last Sunday, crooning the lyrics of Blaze, fans held nothing back as they welcomed him back to Brooklyn, New York.

With a smile that reached the depth of his eyes, Junior Kelly showed his appreciation for the love he was being shown and gave as good as he got. It was a case where the fans could do no wrong and, despite performing on tracks, Kelly managed to pull up a song …or two.. or three .. or more… on demand.

The theme for the night seemed to be ‘patron satisfaction and pure niceness’ and Junior Kelly delivered masterfully.
Songs like Believe In Yourself, Dem Wrong, Missing You and Been There, the latest single that Junior Kelly is now promoting, connected with the audience, but Sunshine proved to be one of the biggest winners of the night. It had to be pulled up three times and each time it elicited a whole new wave of screams. As expected mega hits Receive and Love So Nice were eagerly embraced and and had a freshness that captivated.

It was a performance that reminded everyone present of the compelling power of Reggae music and after exiting the stage, Junior Kelly spent the rest of the night with his fans, signing autographs, taking pictures and graciously receiving compliments on a job well done.

“It has been refreshing,” Junior Kelly said of the showcase and the reaction of the patrons, many of whom sang his songs word-for-word. “I have to give thanks that these wonderful people made the decision to spend their hard-earned money to buy a ticket to come to my concert. People have choices and, added to that, they also have work on Monday, so I am truly grateful that they chose to be here. And we all had such a blazing time,” he said in between taking pictures and smiling with fans.

In fact, the ‘Love So Nice’ singer’s concert was so nice that it will have to be done twice. Junior Kelly was booked on the spot for the first available date, which turned out to be two week’s time. New York will therefore experience the second coming of Junior Kelly on Sunday, July 22 at the Village.

However, as the singer emphasised, “It’s not about Junior Kelly, it’s all about the message and power of reggae music.”

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