Konshens Medz Never Left: As He Release New Single 'Ruff A Road'

Third in a series of social commentary and “Konshens Medz” songs, Konshens releases his new single “Ruff A Road” produced by Russian of Head Concussion Productions on the Battlefieled riddim.

With the recent catapult on the international charts with Gyal a Bubble, Stop Sign and Do Sumn, many have asked, where is the Konshens who held the medz with “Winner” and “Realest Song”?

“The medz is still alive and I understand the seriousness of life and consider it priority to make sure I connect with the youths especially” says Konshens.

The track starts out with a heart felt crescendo repetition of the word GHETTO, automatically grabbing your ears. Immediately following the sixth repetition of GHETTO, the riddim drops and Konshens begins to speak about the plight so many of the world is facing today.

As Konshens sings, “things rough a road, things tough a road, outta road, so it haffi trod……” Listeners have no time to feel saddened by the realization of the battlefeld they are facing. Konshens then says; “Put on you giddeon boot, ghetto yute, put on you giddeon boot, cuz di road rough and ruggy and dutty and mucky”.

The riddim is engaging yet soothing as it compliments the feelings and powerful lyrics behind it. In this single, ‘Ruff A Road’ Konshens connects with the out cry of the world today. He also higlights the struggles people are facing, the feeling of being defeated no matter which way they turn and in many cases the youths feeling violence is the only option.

“Do something, you need to do something, turn left, turn right, Stop Light, Stop Light….No where to go, No where to Run, the yute a turn to the gun”.

“It rough a road, but a still road, so it affi trod, says Konshens.

The message in the song is strong, dont give-up put on you giddeon boot and fight it because it is a battlefield.

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