Khali Taylor A Warrior!

One of Reggae music’s newest and exciting voices, Trinidadian born singer Khali Taylor is definitely one to look out for in the near future. He delivers soulful music with confidence, captivating audiences wherever his voice is heard, be it at the studio or at the stage show. Not just a vocalist, Khali also has amazing song writing talent, and when considered alongside his video directing ability, it seems that this artist is a force of his own. His songs are filled with positive, uplifting lyrics, containing messages of Freedom, Love, Consciousness and Godliness. His videos echo these sentiments, bringing to life the positivity sung about, by reinforcing them with positive imagery.

Since his May 2012 debut alongside reggae superstar Mikey General, audiences have been anticipating a solo reggae release by the Trinidadian born artist. An anticipation that has only grown further since Khali appeared on DJ Dalvy’s ‘Sick Dem’ dancehall riddim with his song, ‘Rasta Care about Us’. Although a successful release itself which has seen the singer receiving a fair amount of ever elusive radio play, the song has done little more than tease the appetites of reggae critics and audiences alike, as they anxiously await his appearance on a roots, rock, Reggae project.

Not one known for disappointment, it seems that Khali has readily taken up the challenge, recording at several studios across Kingston, alongside several of Jamaica’s premiere musical minds. Included among these projects are the highly anticipated releases, ‘Heart of a Lion’ done at Caveman Studio by the legendary Dr Caveman himself, ‘Free I’ which was done at Prosonic Studio by Jonathan Prosonic and ‘Set the Example’ which was done at the world renowned Judgement Yard Studio by Ainsworth Dixon. Each project is authentic reggae, which sees the singer delivering in his usual confident style, but all on his own this time, exactly as critics and audiences have been requesting.

A true musical enthusiast however, Khali hasn’t stopped working, recently voicing alongside female artists Karamanti and Empress Itilafeya, on a collaborative effort called ‘3 The Hard Way’, indicating that he can not only command the spotlight, he can also share it. Also recorded at Judgement Yard Studio by Ainsworth Dixon the song itself is an example of unity that the artist hopes would prevail amongst the people of the world. Khali Taylor is also featured on the recently released Good Better Fresh Riddim (Lexzona Production) and the Rizzing Riddim (Concept Music).

A disciple of the Rastafarian Faith, Khali endeavours to continue improving himself both spiritually and musically. His belief is that the only way to truly make the world a better place, is to make oneself a better person. A task that he hopes he will accomplish through hard work, discipline, dedication and education.

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