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Kingston, Jamaica – Friday last was destined to be a great night at Bacchanal Fridays with an energy-filled performance by KES the Band and special treats from major sponsor Appleton. The night, themed ‘Martian Dust Up’, perfectly described KES’ complete ownership of the large crowd that paid homage to their talent, as their other-worldly sounds and beats inspired non-stop dancing, jumping and waving for their entire show.

With teasers by MC Renae Garel of FAME 95 FM, the anticipation was at its breaking point when KES the Band hit the stage at midnight. Expertly led by lead vocalist Kees Dieffenthaller, the gentlemen from Trinidad showed that they are definitely an international band on the rise, skillfully taking the crowd through a musical journey with new songs such as ‘Stress Away’ and ‘Comin’ Ovah’ to favourites like ‘Where Yuh From’ and their signature tune ‘Wotless’, (which was nominated for a 2011 Soul Train Music Award for Best Caribbean Performance). Their performance also touched on top dance hits like Usher’s ‘Without You’ and current party staple ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by American group LMFAO. But Kes, known for his stage theatrics, didn’t stop there. During his performance of ‘Precision Wine’ and ‘Where Yuh From’, a shirtless Kes jumped off the stage and made his way through the crowd, bringing star-struck fans to frenzy. Kes climbed on to a raised platform in the general admission area to ensure that patrons were enjoying every moment of his captivating show. The sexy dread from Trinidad then made his way back to the stage where he completed his show by waving a Jamaican and Trinidadian flag together to screams and cheers from his ‘Wotless’ followers.

Following his electrifying show, Kes shared that the “energy and vibe from Jamaica is so unique and fresh.” Kes exclaimed, “I love the vibe of Jamaica, especially as it still has new and unexplored territory for us to spread our music. Jamaica always inspires me too, giving me great ideas to write.” Kes also stated that the band has a lot more to come as they continue building their brand and exploring new territories including Japan and Europe.

The night also belonged to major sponsor Appleton who ensured that the spirit of the party was maintained from start to finish. Appleton provided a free drink to the first 250 patrons to the event with 1000 fans receiving Appleton mugs, rags and light-up ice cubes which glowed all around the venue. Brand Manager for Rums at Appleton, Cecil Smith, added that Appleton Mug Madness was also a part of the night’s fun where patrons could purchase an Appleton mug for $1,000 and get refills throughout the night. Appleton has been a sponsor of Bacchanal Jamaica for over 10 years and Mr. Smith expressed that “seeing the revelers having a good time responsibly while drinking Appleton is one of the best things about our partnership over the years.”

The event was also enhanced by Digicel’s promotion of their new, low, prepaid flat rate of $8.99/minute, Jamaica Observer’s Tweet4Prizes Promotion and the fashionable display of a 2012 Honda CRV by ATL Motors. Musical vibes and vigor were maintained all night by DJ Smoke of Renaissance who exhibited to the crowd his deep love and respect for soca music through his wide and varied selection of hits.

Bacchanal Fridays continues this and every Friday throughout the season at the new Mas Camp (Stadium North) from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Hans (drums), Jon (lead guitar), and best friend Riad Boochoon (bass),

As part of Bacchanal Jamaica’s innovative thrusts for 2012, you can contact us at 754-5396. Persons can become fans on the official facebook page at www.facebook.com/bacchanaljamaica.

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