Reggae & Hip Hop DJ 4eign from Jamn 94.5 using the world as his musical compass

With music being a universal symbol of enjoyment and feeling for all who listen to and create it, such a form of leisure has created avenues all across the world that people can travel along. DJ 4eign hails as an ideal example of a musician who’s successfully maneuvered down these roads along his journey to success.
Born in the African nation of Kenya, DJ 4eign (pronounced foreign) has become a success locally and overseas as a result of his exploits as a highly acclaimed disc jock. Hailing as the official DJ for internationally renowned Reggae singer,Da’Ville, DJ 4eign has infiltrated the airwaves through his weekend spots on WJFM Jam’n 94.5 FM in Boston as well as Caribbean Connection, a new show that the Shadyville Caribbean turntable specialist hosts on Sundays (10 p.m. to midnight) HOT 99.1FM in Albany, New York.
However, before becoming well known for his craft in the U.S.,DJ 4eign became inspired to follow the DJ path by watching professionals like DJ Pinye and DJ Morris showcase their skills back in his native Kenya.
“I was inspired by the local DJs in Kenya in my younger years, and found it fascinating how they mixed songs together; kept a party moving… That’s when I caught the bug and I wanted to be a DJ. So much so that I would use 2 tape decks to mix songs, scratch my Dad’s disco records (and destroy them *laughs*), or just mixing songs in my head,” he explains.
“It wasn’t until I moved to the U.S. to finish my secondary schooling that about a year later, I acquired my 1st set of technics 1200’s and a mixer; linked up with a fellow African native and Renegade Sound station was born. The rest is history, I’ve been living my dream as a DJ ever since.”
Part of living that dream included working with many of Jamaica’s top acts including Mr. Vegas, Serani, Red Rat, Cham, I-Octane and Laza Morgan to name a few. With his affinity for Dancehall/Reggae music evident, DJ 4eign has watched award-winning acts such as Sean Paul and the aforementioned Da’Ville evolve into superstars while building his own musical legacy.
“I consider myself a student and fan of music and most of the now prominent artistes were just busting on the scene around the time that I began my career. So I was always a fan of artistes such as Sean Paul and Da’Ville and always wanted to work with them at some point in my journey since I saw them evolve from new artist to the stars they are now,” he said.
“I also like being involved and working with up and coming artists who show the hunger and drive to be successful. It’s always great to be instrumental and play a part in an artiste’s career.”
These ventures with Sean Paul and Da’Ville have proved successful as the former artiste hosted part one of theDancehall Kings series created by DJ 4eign while the latter artiste’s new mixtape, Vitamin D also featured the Kenyan-born disc jock’s skills as he helped promote tracks off theCan’t Get Over You singer’s newly-released album, Krazy Love.
Many persons wouldn’t consider Boston, MA as a proverbial hot-bed for Dancehall, Reggae or urban music in general. However, DJ 4eign insists that the market in which he’s currently based offers strong support to these respective genres.
“We are a market where major and up and coming artist frequent to build up their fan base so that alone says a lot,”he said.
“The dances ram and the stage shows full up. Weather I’m playing on the radio or at clubs, dancehall/reggae tun up in the ‘Bean’!”
Back home, the reception has proved just as strong as DJ 4eign hopes one day to perform in front of the native crowd.
“I played on a radio station Uptown 91.1FM in Nairobi (big up G-Money) for a little while before the station moved, which was “1000%” Dancehall. But Africa, Especially Kenya, has really gravitated and embraced Dancehall music. Some of the biggest names in Dancehall are frequenting the mother land now more than ever before and there are even some wicked artist that are coming out of the continent now,” he intimated.
For DJ 4eign, his travels and experiences within music have helped him to gauge what fans want to hear when on the turntables. The main objective going into any set for DJ 4eign is entertaining those he plays for.
“My purpose whenever I’m in the mix, on the radio, in a club or even mixtapes is to give the listener the ultimate experience. The ability to read a crowd or know your listeners is step one; next is knowing your music and how to select it. Add some mic talk and you have the perfect recipe for that ultimate experience,” he advises.
“Anybody can DJ but not everyone can entertain.”
Going forward, DJ 4eign will continue his Dancehall Kingsseries which he says will have many top entertainers on offer. Furthermore, he hopes to drop more collaborative mixtapes with Da’Ville in the near future and promises new projects from himself and Renegade Sound as the year rolls on as he looks not only to advertise his own credentials, but that of fellow African musicians
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