Kerwin Du Bois & Christopher Martin Encourages Female Celebration

Beyond physical attributes there are some features that can be easily listed by male suitors as main attractors when referring to women. While the preferences may vary, a confident, self assured and authentic woman can capture the attention of any right thinking man. In recognizing positive female characteristics, Kerwin Du Bois and Christopher Martin are encouraging celebration in their new release ‘Feelin Ya Self.’ It’s quite understandable why women will readily comply to the collaborative track by two of the Caribbean’s best voices.

Written by both Kerwin Du Bois and Christopher Martin and produced by Du Bois, the track incorporates sincere melodies, well penned lyrics and unique rhythms. That’s right; these descriptions have been used many times before however listening will further confirm why both artistes are recognized in their respective genres of Soca and Reggae for their contributions. ‘Feelin Ya Self’ will undoubtedly be embraced for the merging of their talents for Carnival 2016.

A call to “Show it Off” has been made. Ladies, bring your confidence and comply!

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