Its Success Formula into Creole Heritage Month

St. Lucia – October 2011: Right after, not just sponsoring, but participating in one of the islands grand cultural showcases carnival, which culminated in July, Piton Beer immediately took the plunge into the next big cultural event here-“Creole Heritage Month” and “Jounen Kweyol.” October is being marked in Saint Lucia as “Creole Heritage Month” with activities being held throughout the island.
For Carnival, the award winning Piton Beer, “Sa Nou Memn,” not only made major sponsorship contributions to main organizing body CDF, but also supported the major components of the festival as well as the community events. The brand has since gone further, after first branding the Piton Party in de yard event, to now scoring success with its very own “Piton Soca Starz.”
For “Creole Heritage month” Piton Beer is looking to apply the same winning formula by not just sponsoring the main organizers the FRC, but supporting the various communities and branding at least one of the activities for the month with title sponsorship.
WLBL, the home of Piton Beer as part of activities for Creole Heritage Month held the fourth annual Oktoberfest En Kweyol, Sunday October 2, at Samaans Park which was a success. Now, Piton Beer is looking to stamp that same mark of achievement throughout the month of October by throwing tremendous support behind activities for Creole Heritage month.

“We recognise Jounen Kweyol as another event and cultural activity which like Piton, brings people of all walks of life together under that united umbrella of art, culture, entertainment and our rich Creole heritage,” Germaine Serieux, Piton Brand Manager points out. “So this year, quite apart from our continued support to the FRC we will be supporting the host communities and have now fully adopted the “Woule Laba” competition which is our signature activity for Jounen Kweyol,” Serieux added.

The 2011 Piton National Woulélaba Tournament is one of the first major activities being held as part of Creole Heritage Month and will feature teams from over 12 communities around the island. Woulélaba is a popular indigenous sporting and cultural tradition closely related to the game of cricket.
Another activity, La Plas Kweyol (the brain child of Ezi Hall) is also being sponsored by Piton Beer and will run from September 23- October 26, 2011. The event will feature activities in the city of Castries particularly at the Blue Coral Mall and the Castries Market.
Jounen Kweyol Entenasyonal is observed officially on October 28 in the French Creole speaking countries of Saint Lucia, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti and parts of the Seychelles. In Saint Lucia, the month of October has been declared Creole Heritage month. The main activities for Jounen Kwéyòl 2011 will be held the weekend of Friday October 28th culminating Sunday 30th October in the communities of Fond Assau, Anse La Raye, Dennery, Desruisseaux and Laborie under the auspices of the FRC.
Jounen Kwéyòl which was first celebrated in St Lucia in 1984 has developed into the biggest national cultural activity in St Lucia and is embraced by persons from all walks of life as well as schools, the business sector and community groups. Since first being brewed here incidentally in October 1992(Creole Heritage Month) Piton Beer has sought to forge a partnership with the FRC, one which has grown stronger in recent times through Creole Heritage Month. Piton will also be embarking on Piton Beer Kweyol promotions throughout the month at selected outlets wherever the Piton Kweyol posters are seen.
“We are quite proud to be a part of Creole Heritage Month this year and we plan on continuing to foster our relationship with the FRC. Already we are looking to add a few new events next year as part of our involvement,” Germaine Serieux revealed adding “on behalf of my team I would want to wish all Saint Lucians bon fete Kweyol as we enjoy Piton Beer, Sa Nou Memn responsibly.”

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