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Introducing Kenyba…NEW SOCA MUSIC RELEASE! – "Leech"

Hailing from the twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, a new songstress is set to acquire her fair share of the soca industry. With so many beautiful female voices blessing the genre, it is rare that a new talent is noticed. But Kenyba Precious McLean will not go unheard.

Born on April 8, 1987 in the small town of Arima Trinidad, Kenyba began her journey while attending Arouca Anglican Primary School. She was introduced to music through her father, Kenneth McLean (deceased) and mother, Kathleen Aberdeen McLean. When they noticed her affinity for singing, they were more than happy to encourage her in every musical endeavor.

Kenyba migrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1996. Her performing arts career would not be stopped however. She attended Meyer Levin (a magnet school for the performing arts) where she learned how to play the steel drum and step dance. Even with such a strong focus on performing arts in her school environment, Kenyba’s grades did not suffer. She was accepted into the Acorn Arista Honor Society.

Kenyba continued to build on her performing arts resume, playing pan with different groups, as well as competing in the Miss Trinidad & Tobago New York pageant in 2004. Her natural talent for music, modeling and singing has already garnered her citations in articles from some of New York’s top circulating newspapers.

As Kenyba grew, so did the spectrum of her musical activities. In 2009, she joined the Vybz Evolution band, based in New York. She also recorded her first song,”Independent Bumper” on the Cooler Fete Riddim. Even though not currently performing with a band, she gained valuable experience on stage and in the studio, and is now ready to take her aspirations to the next level.

With a heavy release schedule set for 2011-2012, Kenyba is definitely a new voice worth listening to. Her latest release, “Leech” is the new ladies anthem for all who have been pestered by the “leech” man who will not take no for an answer. This crowd pleaser is a result of her great song writing ability, and production by Tony “The Mad Architect” Brown. It is available on Trinidadtunes.com, Itunes, and everywhere digital downloads are sold. Keep an eye out on this songstress, before you blink she will be bigger than life!

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