Heineken, still the official beer and gold sponsor of Saint Lucia Jazz

As one of the original sponsors of Saint Lucia Jazz and with a sponsorship package that has grown with the festival itself, Heineken, the world’s leading beer and Saint Lucia Jazz which continues to exceed expectations year after, will again create a dynamic synergy to bring out the best festival experience in the world found right here in Saint Lucia. This, according to brand manager of Heineken Saint Lucia,“as we continue to open our world of perfection to the Saint Lucia Jazz stage of music, dance, food, drinks, cultures, people, and all the thrills and trimmings of a grand 21st birthday party.”

On Wednesday April 4, 2012 Heineken, Gold sponsor of Saint Lucia Jazz and official beer of the festival,made their official cheque presentation to the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, presenters of Saint Lucia Jazz. This was done at a sponsorscheque presentation at Bay Garden’s Beach Resort.
“Heineken has been with the festival from inception, providing international recognition with the Heineken brand,” Tracey Warner-Arnold, deputy director of the SLTB reminded those in attendance Wednesday.She went on to note Heineken’s commitment to the Pigeon Island venue,“giving it a sophisticated and contemporary look with the Heineken beer garden that seems to evolve every year.”

During his brief remarks, Heineken Brand Manager Gaius Harry stated that it was indeeda pleasure to be one of the original sponsors of the festival. He reiterated the brand’s commitment to the event not just as a sponsor, but through various promotions and activations. “We are not here to present a check and walk away, we continue to partner with the SLTB in promoting Saint Lucia Jazz in our regional and international markets and each year we encourage persons from our various offices including head office to come to Saint Lucia for this event,” Harry noted.
The brand’s total spend towards the festival this year will exceed EC$200,000.
Over the years, Heineken has helped to enhance the Festival experience through the popular and signature Heineken Beer garden at Pigeon Island, during Main-stage Jazz. Heineken has also supported the fringe events like Jazz in the South and Fond D’or Jazz and will be doing so again this year.
In addition, ahead of the festival, Heineken will continue its annual festival branding on T-shirts as well as banners on utility poles, radio promotions and Jazz ticket giveaways on various radio stations and other media blitz, not just in Saint Lucia, but throughout the region.
“Our regional Heineken Jazz Promotions which started in January of this year, will culminate with our prize winners from various islands coming to Saint Lucia, for the Main-stage events, compliments Heineken, where they will be treated as VIP’s at our Heineken Beer Garden,” Gaius Harry expressed.
He also revealed Wednesday, that Heineken’s Jazz promotions in Saint Lucia had started at various supermarkets and retail outlets. The purchase of a six pack of Heineken affords customers an entry form for a chance to win one of several fantastic Heineken prizes as well as a season pass to Saint Lucia Jazz with all access pass to the Heineken VIP Beer Garden.

“At 21, we tip our hats or should we say our bottles of ice cold Heineken, to the Saint Lucia Tourist Board as well as the Government and People of Saint Lucia, for affording us the opportunity to walk side by side with Saint Lucia Jazz, helpingit bloom into this gem of a festival that it has become,” Gaius Harry says.

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