Haiti Film Fest 2013 performance by Emeline Michel -May 9, 2013

HCX | Haiti Film Fest 2013 will include the opening night celebration, an emerging filmmakers event and two full days of free films from contemporary Haitian filmmakers, films about Haiti’s Diaspora, as well as films from the beginning of Haiti’s presence on-screen. Ranging from seasoned directors to emerging student filmmakers, this film festival will present the diverse points of view that encompass the Haitian identity.

Join us for the kick off of the 2nd international HCX | Haiti Film Fest! Rub shoulders with award-winning filmmakers and actors while enjoying a live performance by the legendary Emeline Michel and screenings from the weekend’s line-up.

Jonathan Demme, David Belle, Edwidge Danticat, Marc Baptiste and Jerry LaMothe are all on the advisory committee.

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