Ammoye Brings History to Life with A Rework of Woman of the Ghetto!

Ammoye Brings History to Life
with A Rework of Woman of the Ghetto!

June 2nd, 2015 – Toronto, ON, Canada

Some of the best musical nuggets are songs that were recorded in the past, and Canada’s leading Songstress and JUNO Award nominee Ammoye, goes back in the past to bring Marlena Shaw’s “Woman of the Ghetto” to life adding a touch of 2015 grit to her rendition.

Produced by The Rhythm Express as a part of their multiple artist compilation entitled Midnight Express, Ammoye delivers a soul stirring performance that has earned the attention of several of the worlds’ most notable music presenters on radio. Not only is Ammoye’s passionate delivery a representation of the plea’s of the people in all ghetto’s around the world, the songstresses intonation acts as a call to action for us to change the circumstances of the people’s suffering.

Recorded in Toronto with elite musicians Bill King (keyboards), Everton ‘Pablo’ Paul (drums and percussion), Jesse ‘Dubmatix’ King (Bass) and Shane ‘Shaky J’ Forrest (Guitar and Engineering), everyone associated with the project remarked on the importance of the song. Ammoye said “this song was really important to get right. I’m speaking for the people in Toronto as much as I am for the people in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, London and all places in the world that have ghetto’s. It’s one song with one voice.”

Producers for the project included this song in the project as it draws contrast between the living situation of African Americans in the 60’s and 70’s, and the world situation today. As the economic focus shifts, an increase in ghetto’s can be seen in several cities around the world, as well as the struggles of the people who live there.

In addition to the original recorded by Marlene Shaw, “Woman of the Ghetto” was also recorded by Jamaica’s Phyllis Dillon. Ammoye’s version is the first to be covered by a Reggae / Lover’s Rock artist in Canada.

Media and fans can stay connected with Ammoye via Twitter @AmmoyesMusic or www.Ammoye.com.

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