Lisa HypeR premieres new video medley "POWER/ROLL DEEP"

Artist Lisa HypeR new video medley “POWER/ROLL DEEP” debut Saturday February 25th on local Jamaican Television.
A Jam2 production, the video was produced by Simon “Snow” Thompson with cameos by Bad boy Trevor, Skii and Lady Carline. Both songs will be featured on Lisa HypeR upcoming album “The Rebirth”
When asked what the video was about Lisa stated “Powa/Roll Deep is about di ladies dat have di good good and dem noe cuz dem man give them stuff in return”
Lisa Hyper also had a special message on her facebook fan page “Big Up 2 All Ma Real Fans Who Clued 2 Dem TV Waiting 2 See Di Premier Of Ma New Video “Power” Tonight On Stage On CVM & Big Up 2 All Ma Haters 2 Cuz Me Kno Unu Waah See Weh Di Hyper A Cum Wid…lol! Give Unu more Tings Fi Talk, Expect Di Unexpected…It Sticky Pon Dem!”

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