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Excite Your Taste Buds With Shandy Sorrel Riddim

A riddim compared to one of the most sought after beverages in Trinidad and Tobago is proof that the taste will quench your musical thirst. In true Trinbagonian spirit, when Christmas rolls over, one beverage that is stocked in every household is Shandy Sorrel. For many the beverage is considered a necessity for both old and young just as this musical creation.

Holding on to the fondest memories of Christmases gone, Jesse “Chunky” John of Optimus Productions created a musical composition that has all the elements of the beverage; smooth, sweet, tasty and unique. Added to the characteristics of the well-blended riddim Chunky added the additional flavour through the voices of Shurwayne Winchester and Baron and Crazy and Revelation. Just as the branded beverage, the first set of released tracks will excite your taste buds with their unique local flavours.

Get familiar with “We Paranging” by Shurwayne Winchester featuring Baron and “Parang Soca” by Revelation featuring Crazy.

It is Christmas time, the vibes is right, the Shandy Sorrel is here and the riddim is right.

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