Drawing from African Roots & Vibrations, King Fragrance "Africa"

Drawing from African roots and vibrations, King Fragrance has slowly been reaping the rewards and success of his “Africa” single. But it was far from an overnight success for the hit song as modern technology slowed down the process over 4 years ago when the Singjay recorded the single for producer Kevin Whyte.

“He gave it to me, saying he knew that I was the person with the energy for it, but his computer crashed with all the rhythm files and vocals,” King Fragrance recalled.

Whyte re-recorded the beat in 2013 and had King Fragrance recently add his vocals to then release it under Whyte’s Rural Area Production label and distributed by DJ Kaas Media Records. “I’m very happy about the success of Africa, it’s just a natural vibration. The DJs love it and they are playing it a lot, and the public is catching on to it, too. Everywhere I go, people they tell me they love it,” said King Fragrance to the popular Jamaica Star newspaper.

The success, social media buzz and airplay via Jamaica’s popular major street parties delivered a demand for a music video. “Africa” video was directed and produced by 13th Tribe Video productions, and has been enjoying heavy rotation on a number of TV stations including RETV, CVM Plus, HYPE TV and Swag TV in Jamaica, and amassed over 30 thousand views on youtube.

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