Denise Belfon Makes A Way for Musicians To Earn At Home – Year Round

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. May 27, 2013—-Music artistes in Trinidad and Tobago are being given an opportunity to make a living at home throughout the year. Thanks to entertainer, Denise Belfon- best known by her sobriquet, Saucy Wow, T&T artistes who perform all genres of music indigenous to the country, will be hired each Saturday for performances at the Edge nightclub on the Southern end of the island. It’s a new endeavor the ‘Wining Queen’ singer has embarked on, with plans to become a regional promoter of events, in the years ahead.

Belfon has been slowly entering the event promotion industry. In the past she has hosted several boat rides in Trinidad. Her annual birthday soiree, which started off in Port-of-Spain and has now become a hit in the Southland, has also generated quite a bit of attention over the years. On June 1st, Belfon will open the Edge Nightclub, introducing Steaming Southland Saturdays. The launch of the Saturday night party fixture will feature Trinidad and Tobago’s Blaxx of the Roy Cape band, Ravi B of Karma, Farmer Nappy, Iwer George and of course, Belfon herself. “I’ve always wanted to promote our culture and our artistes throughout the year. There’s never been a forum for our artistes to stay at home and make money throughout the year and something like this would change that. It would offer those artistes who don’t really travel after the carnival, a place to perform and earn money,” she emphasized.

Steaming Southland Saturdays will introduce party lovers to a heightened level of customer service, no matter what part of Trinidad they’re coming from. “We’re guaranteeing a level of security that will see patrons being shuttled to the venue from June 8th. The shuttles will be available to all party patrons from strategic meeting points at every end of the country. Each shuttle bus will be outfitted with security so that too, will ensure of our patrons’ safety,” said Belfon. She however noted that patrons requiring the shuttle service for large groups, should contact the Steaming Southland Saturdays hotline at 325-5252, 307-1841 or 317-9810. “We’re also giving tertiary education students discounts to enter the club with their school ID’s,” explained the entertainer, highlighting her desire to bring back that true clubbing vibe to the Southland.

With several artistes already sold on the idea, Belfon said the feedback for the event’s concept has been positive. “Everyone is excited about it. It’s a situation where I’m actually the first Soca artiste to present something like this for my fraternity,” she said.
Belfon said the ambiance at the nightspot will include an area on the outside where patrons can enjoy hanging out on a special decking area while on the inside of the club, there will be a designated area called the wall of fame where patrons and special celebrity guests will have their photos displayed. When it comes to the musical selection that can be expected on Saturdays at the Edge, Belfon said the variety will be engaging to all, with special nights dedicated to the old school lovers and other nights, for the lovers of the new school vibe. “On some nights we’ll have DJ’s like Howie Tee, Teddy Mohammed, Dr. Hyde and on other Saturdays there’ll be DJs like Bass Kickers, Custodian sounds and Hollywood Sachy and a whole lot more,” she explained.

Belfon and her team of organisers are hard at work. Her endeavor will likely see her expand in the months and years to come, as she aspires. “My aim is to throw big events in Trinidad and up the Caribbean. I’ve always liked that- always wanted to own a club to showcase our culture. This is my first step in that direction,” she said.

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