Conflict wants it done "PROPERLYYY"

No longer a novice in the arena in dancehall/reggae, “Conflict” has made his mark in the industry. Gracing stages with such greats as D’Aville, Christopher Martin, Ghost and Romain Virgo, Conflict has develop his smooth style and delivery.
Voicing for such great producers as Grammy Award winning Austin “Kevin” Green/PayDay Music, Jazzwad and Venom House. Conflict is not waisting anytime, having just released a mixtape “Time As Come”, he is right back in the studio gearing up for some new music.
His current hit “ANYWEH DI PARTY DEH” features artist Azzie Mistic, receiving great feedback , the song has been heavily requested on local radio. In no rush for stardom, Conflict says that he simply wants to make people dance and feel good, he believes in quality over quantity, and as his motto says, he wants it done “PROPERLYYY”
Listen: CONFLICT feat AZZIE MISTIC – ANYWEH DI PARTY DEH (Summer Bitch riddim) by mprconsulting

About Conflict: Patrick Mullings aka Conflict Conflict was born and raised in Annotto Bay St. Mary, Jamaica. He later migrated to the US in 2004 and threw his hat right away in the entertainment industry. Unlike many he had an overall positive experience in his quest to become a recording artist. Not even the highly controversial nature of his name or the murmur of critics has discouraged his love for creating music.
“Well firstly the name”Conflict” came about from as far back as from my childhood school days, I was inspired by fellow Dancehall deejay Assassin who in my eyes had a name that stood out and so after careful though I decided on “Conflict” and from there on it stuck. Ever since I came to the states I’ve actively been recording songs for a number of producers and shortly afterwards I began seeing the results” says Conflict.

Watch the video here:

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