Carnival is Rum Time

“One thing I need inside ah de fete, Gimme ah bottle of rum. I love mi rum and mi rum it love me..” – Bottle of Rum, Machel Montano

“I don’t know where all this vodka and whiskey and ting come from, Jamaica is rum country and Carnival time is definitely rum time!” said David, a serious Bacchanalist who is even more serious about his rum.

Whether you’re jumping up inside a fete or chilling with friends, there is no denying that this is rum country and Carnival and Appleton go together like calypso and steel pan. There from the very beginning, Appleton Jamaica Rum, the rum of everything Carnival, and the official rum sponsor of Bacchanal Jamaica, has been keeping Bacchanal’s fetes wet, and revellers jumping till the sun come up for over 10 years. An annual costume and band sponsor, Appleton Rum stops at nothing to ensure that its patrons enjoy every facet of its Carnival events.

“Yuh mad, how it must be carnival without rum? You need the rum to grease your waist line and keep you when you chipping on the road. And if it’s not Appleton, it’s not rum!” said Jodi, a regular Bacchanal Jamaica reveller and self titled Appleton ambassador, who, much like Kes, will be seen drinking nothing else.

But even before there was Appleton, there was Rum. The official drink of the Pirates and the Caribbean, Rum has had more than its fair share of Soca and Chutney songs dedicated to it over the decades.
So whether Rum is your lover, Like Chutney Artiste Ravi B (Rum is Meh Lover) or it will be Rum till you die like Adesha Samaroo (Rum Till I Die), there is one thing that all socaphiles, local and abroad can agree with:
“You could bring it in a bottle, you could bring it in a flask, you could bring it in a cup, you could set it in a glass. I want meh rum in di mornin’, I want meh rum in di evening!” Hunter and Bunji Garlin, Bring It.

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