Fire Links Set for First World Clash Appearance

New York, New York — The streets and online community have been ablaze since the release of Irish and Chin’s fiery line-up for World Clash R.E.S.E.T. in New York. The epic clash will be nothing less than spectacular with high caliber competitors like Tony Matterhorn, Fire Links, Bass Odyssey, Black Kat, Earth Ruler, Poison Dart and David Rodigan. According to clash fans, one of World Clash’s most surprising contenders is Fire Links, namely because he has not clashed in over three years and is new to the World Clash stage. Credited with being one of the modern day arena’s most accomplished juggling/entertaining selectors, Fire Links certainly adds a strong element of diversity to the World Clash line up.
“I am always ready for a clash, and it’s Irish and Chin’s 15th anniversary, so I couldn’t turn this down. But pon di real, once the criteria like the money is right, here I am,” says the explosively charismatic Fire Links. Noting that it takes money to clash, “I can’t just come and play anyting, me known fi my dubs dem and dem costly, so a promoter need fi understand and consider.”
Fire Links, as his name suggests, delivers incendiary performances whether juggling or clashing. These “best of both worlds” skills could give the popular and controversial selector just the ammunition that he needs to succeed. When asked about his take on 45s being introduced to World Clash, Links responded “For some sounds it can be an advantage and for others a disadvantage, for example 45s may work in favor of Black Kat but not Bass Odyssey.” The selector later pondered if after one round whether, “some diehard clash fans may get turned off because they want to hear mostly exclusive or original dubs.”
Even though it’s been several years since Fire Links has actively clashed, fans are curious to see what big guns Fire Links has in store. In response to the inquiries, with piercing delivery, Links stated “No comment! Listen, fans should just expect the usual Links’ ‘A’ Game.” When it’s all said and done, what truly has diehard clash fans on the edges of their seats is the mere thought of watching one of the industry’s most notorious rivalries unfold before their very eyes — Mattehorn vs. Fire Links. These selectors have been at it for years, carrying out a rivalry that started from their days on King Addies and Bodyguard respectively.
“Fire Links is very much needed in the international arena and is an exciting part of this year’s line-up,” says World Clash promoter Garfield “Chin” Bourne of Irish and Chin. In closing, “It’s no secret that Irish and Chin and Fire Links have been at odds for a very long time, however, in order to fulfill our vision and plan of Restoring Exciting Soundsystem Entertainment Together (R.E.S.E.T.), we had to display a high level of maturity, eliminating some of our petty beefs from the past.”
Notably, Fire Links is one of the few selectors who honed his talent and craft the traditional way, by being second string to some of the industry’s greatest veteran sound killers. In every aspect, Fire Links is the real deal. When this selector is billed for any event, enthusiasts and fans know that he will leave his mark. Similarly, Fire Links is respected for his prominent roles of promoter and producer. Fire Links got his start on the renowned Bodyguard sound system in 1994, later beginning his prosperous solo career in 2000.

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