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Busy Signal Has a Text Message For You!

Busy Signal
Has a Text Message For You!

Kingston, Jamaica

International Reggae and Dancehall Superstar Busy Signal has a ‘text message’ for you which includes acronym’s such as ‘IKR’ and emoji’s with sweet faces for the ladies. The fun and humor comes together in his newest music video “Text Message!”

Designed to bring fun and humor to socialists who spend significant amounts of time on social media, particularly on the text front, Busy’s light hearted approach to the trend of texting at all times; morning, noon and evening, and about all situations, comes to light in the video.

At the beginning of the video, we see Busy get in to his car, and is immediately overwhelmed with several messages. Scenes of the artist in the recording booth at the studio (Big Yard Studio) receiving messages, to ladies sending and receiving messages while on the street waiting for transportation highlight the extent of the text wave.

The treatment for the piece was a collaborative effort between Busy, his label Turf Music and the video’s directors, RD Studio’s. “We spend so much time on our smartphones, talking to people as near as down the street, and as far away as Canada, so we decided to put all of that and more together to make fun of the communication we rely on everyday” said Busy while on set filming the video.

Making a cameo appearance is the new ‘face’ of Busy, a specially designed LEGO looking animated character who has become popular as Busy’s avatar picture for social media. As the character comes in to view, Busy calls the names of the countries England, The United States, Belize and Canada whose fans he enjoys performing for. Also making a cameo appearance is The Gruung Gad, Bounty Killer, Reggae artist Kananga, and three members of Busy’s Turf Music Camp: Walter Russell, Wayne Jones and Headley Rainford.

This light hearted video is now available on Busy Signal’s VEVO page

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