Brother B and Danny D Kids Appreciation Party January 2013

Brother B and Danny D from Club Spectrum held a kids appreciation party in Club Spectrum for a few children in St Mark’s and surrounding areas.

Brother B and Danny D gave the children; back to school stationery, toys, food and drinks. The children were well entertained by a performance from Brother B and local music played by a DJ.

The Children also enjoyed playing games such as musical chairs and a treasure hunt took place on the grounds of Club Spectrum where the winners won prizes.

Brother B thanked Danny D for the use of Club Spectrum, his contribution to the event and his staff of helpers. Brother B also thanked his family, friends, management and all the children and parents who attended.

Danny D thanked his family, friends, helpers for the event, Brother B and team. Danny D also thanked the children who attended and their parents and all those helped make the event special for the children.

Picture of Brother B and Danny D, with some of the children who attended the event at club spectrum.


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