Paran Sounds Releases SOCA Compilation Album For Montserrat's 50th Festival

Sounds releases SOCA compilation album for Montserrat’s 50th Festival

SOCA KISS a compilation album with an eclectic mix of groovy and up-tempo tracks has been released by Paran Sounds the Montserratian owned and operated music production company/indie label based in New York.

The album featuring ten different soca artistes is being released as part of celebration for Montserrat’s 50th Annual Festival taking place in December. The twelve tracks on the album include:

1. Front & Rear by Black Jaguar
2. Shadow Dancing by Rabo
3. Go Down by Maxcine
4. Road Rage by Storm
5. Believe In Love by Dillgin
6. Together 4 Life by Black Jaguar & Tomeika
7. XXtra by Sylk
8. Wine Go Down by Tomeika
09. Keep It Steady by Scrappy
10. Band On De Road By Warda
11. If This World Were Mine by Prynze
12. Welcome To Monfest by Algie

Paran Sounds encompasses a team of songwriters and arrangers/producers dedicated to bringing you the best in original and exciting world beats, loops and songs. We are also dedicated to providing our customers with the best in musical production and sound quality.

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