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America Braces Themselves for the Next Caribbean Pop Star – Jamal Gordon

New York, New York (June 20, 2013). As America braces themselves, for the next Caribbean pop star, Jamal Gordon, he provides us with a soulful Bruno Mars rendition of “When I was Your Man” and new video.

Hailing from the lush island of Antigua, twelve (12) year old musical sensation, Jamal Gordon, born to Guyanese parents, has recently released his new video and is receiving rave reviews and support.

Originally sung by Bruno Mars, Jamal’s version of, “When I Was Your Man”, takes on a musical journey, travelling on an oasis of time, with his vocal ability and singing style. With transitions so blended and smooth, he moves from one vocal register to the next effortlessly, always pitch perfect.

Coined as “Boy Wonder”, Jamal has been compared to two major musical geniuses before him, when they were his age; Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Hence why it comes as no big surprise that he received full clearance to record a song by both legends and has already recorded them in Hollywood.

It is quite evident that young Jamal Gordon will bridge the gap between his island success and international notoriety.

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