Alley Cat Imperial Performs in Jamaica & Shoots Videos

Kingston, Jamaica: Many if not all Jamaican artist living abroad love it every time they get to go back home to Jamaica. Since Alley Cat has been traveling the world and settling down in the United States, he tries to make this happen as often as possible.

Since returning home few weeks ago Alley Cat has been catching up with family, friends and just basking in the Jamaica Vibe / Culture that he has missed.

His visit home saw him making appearances over the island in Clubs, Schools, Fun Days etc, on Jamaica Day Alley Cat Imperial performed at St. Anne’s Primary School, located in Western Kingston and made an appearance at “Dutty Rock Fridays” hosted by Sean Paul & Leftside at Club Riddim in New Kingston.
He describes the experience as ” a wild frolic”. Alley Cat laments further saying ” Being in Jamaica has been good. The respect I’ve received is overwhelming. People are happy to see me in parties”.
Of course, he took advantage in doing collaborations with local artist, while still promoting his single with IKAYA featured on his Dancehall Knowledge Vol 2 Album.

While on the island he will be shooting Videos for two of his new singles title “Don’t Test” and “The Hawk”, with all his renewed inspiration, and the fresh air of his native home, Alley Cat says the videos will be better and hotter than ever and that he can’t wait to share with his fans!

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