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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Etana Unleashes Reggae

    Etana Unleashes Reggae

    The 3-Song EP Arrives on November 13 (VP Records)

    Precursor to New Album Better Tomorrow Due February 2013

    “reggae’s Jill Scott…Jamaican soul singer with a voice that’s rich, robust and saturated in the right kind of buoyancy — sage but never preachy.” –

    Etana, the Jamaican-born, Miami-raised songstress, returns with her brand new digital-only EP Reggae on November 13th with VP Records. The 3-song preview off her upcoming studio album Better Tomorrow will give fans a taste of what is to come in February 2013. The entire set is produced by Shane Brown with Stanley “Rellee” Hayden co-creating the title track.

    The charismatic singer, songwriter and performer incorporates elements of reggae, soul and pop into her captivating postmodern sound that tackles real life experiences. Etana’s unabashed romanticism shines on the soulful sway of “Reggae” and the r&b tinged “4 Play 2 Love (Start Over)” about her torn feelings of two lovers. The spine-chilling single “Better Tomorrow” addresses the atrocities of children in poverty-stricken communities, while instilling optimism for brighter days. Etana’s lyrical depth and revolutionary thought continue to impress and inspire her audience.

    With a baby on the way, new EP and album in the works, Etana is in a place in her life where she looks forward to a promising future. She expands upon her 2010 sophomore album Free Expressions, which won praise for the being “a rarity: music that sermonizes, yet still sweetly serenades,” according to NPR. The anticipated album Better Tomorrow and EP Reggae express a similar sentiment, while offering new-found wisdom and clarity. These releases also follow her 2008 critical acclaimed debut The Strong One, which featured massive hits “Warrior Love,” “Roots” “I’m Not Afraid,” “Blessings” and “Wrong Address” that topped reggae charts in The Caribbean, England and United States. During this period, Etana was nominated for Best New Reggae Artist at MOBO Awards and awarded Best Female Vocalist at both the Excellence in Music & Entertainment (EME) Awards and IRIE FM Radio Awards as well as the Best Solo Female Reggae Vocalist at the 1st annual Reggae Academy Awards. Vibe Magazine claimed she had already “established herself as a formidable performer and songwriter whose music and reputation precedes her.”

    Reggae Track Listing:
    1. Reggae
    2. Better Tomorrow
    3. 4 Play 2 Love (Start Over)

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  • Mizik Kweyol In Celebration Of Our Cultural Heritage Jounen Kweyol

    In celebration of St.Lucia’s national heritage month we at SoundCity took time to compile a series of vintage Kweyol tracks which consist of Pulsating rhythms, Folklore & Traditional elements.

    This compact disc was compiled from rare vinyl records & cassette tapes which have been remastered to produce the best possible sound. However, the listener is advised to approach this CD in its historical perspective realizing that there are some imperfections and the noise in the original recordings. These should be viewed as being of minor consequence in view of the considerable musical and historical importance of this project.

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  • Countdown To Montserrat’s 50th Annual Festival

    Countdown to Montserrat’s 50th Annual Festival:
    December 15th 2012 – January 1st 2013

    The countdown to Montserrat’s 50th annual festival goes into overdrive on Friday, October 26th, FIFTY days before celebrations kick off on Saturday, December 15th. An exciting range of events and shows are planned to mark this historical and festive time in Montserrat’s history.

    Cornerstone events organised by the festival committee include: Night of Pan featuring both junior and senior orchestras from across the island, the Festival Queen Pageant which will pay tribute to the 5 decades of pageantry, the Calypso Monarch Competition on December 30, a lively Festival Day Show and the colourful Street Parade with more than 20 different mas bands.

    A number of private shows will also add to the excitement of the festival including the: Soca Monarch Competition, 2nd Annual Regional Female Calypso Competition, and Soca Frenzy Show which will feature 10 different soca artistes from across the Caribbean region. In total there are 70 plus events on the festival calendar with daytime activities for children and families and numerous shows for those looking to revel into the night!

    Montserrat nationals living abroad as well as other festival goers are expected to double if not triple the island’s 5,000 population and the festival committee along with Montserrat Tourism Board is looking forward to extending a warm welcome to everyone taking part in the 50th Festival celebrations.

    Chairman of the festival committee Johnny Wyke says: “There is no better way for Montserratians and friends of Montserrat to celebrate Montserrat’s 50th annual festival than to visit the island known to many as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. Making the journey will allow individuals to reconnect with family and friends as well as experience again the culture and history of the island as it works to rebuild from the volcanic eruption that happened some 17 years ago.”

    As part of celebration, The Montserrat Tourist Board will raffle off a two-bedroom house with oceanic view located in the Lookout Village of Montserrat. Valued at 160,000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars, the individual or organisation who wins the raffle will become the owner of the house, mortgage free.

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  • BelO’s Center Stage U.S Tour By The U.S. Department Of State

    Center Stage is a public diplomacy initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts in cooperation with the U.S. Regional Arts Organizations, and with additional support from the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, the Asian Cultural Council, and the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art. General management for Center Stage is provided by Lisa Booth Management, Inc.


    BélO, Haiti’s outspoken groove innovator, interweaves the Afro-Caribbean depths of Haitian tradition with a progressive voice for social and political transformation at home and abroad. A singer, songwriter and guitarist, BélO keeps the socially conscious spirit of reggae alive, while drawing on the vibrant sounds of his artsy native town of Croix des Bouquet, and a globally informed, upbeat pan-African vibe.

    Based in Pétion Ville, Haiti’s music central, and equally at home among the Afro-French communities around the world, BélO finds powerful sonic ties that span the Atlantic and powerful ways to move audiences, to action and to sing along. His Kreyol lyrics reflect the complexities, joys and struggles of Haiti today.

    Hailed as Haiti’s musical ambassador he is a spokesperson for the Haitian Red Cross, UNICEF, is an official advocate for Haiti’s disabled, and a patron of “Hope for Haiti.” These commitments are evident in BélO’s polished, often urgent, always catchy songs, and fuel his onstage presence. Whether playing on a porch or for presidents, BélO longs to engage his audience in ways that go beyond culture and language.

    “I was chosen to be an activist artist,” exclaims BélO. “It would be easier to earn more money or be more popular doing love songs. But I was born an activist musician. I live it, I feel it, and I have a vision.”

    Haiti Debout (Haiti Stand Up!), BélO’s third album, was released in 2011 and is dedicated to Haiti and the strength of the Haitian people. A lyric from Wozo (Reed), one of record’s many fine tracks, captures its spirit: “Ou se wozo … ou mèt tande’w pliye, ou pap kase.” “You are a reed. You will bend, but you will not break.”

    On their Center Stage tour (October 21 to November 17), BélO and his band visits Washington, DC, with multiple stops in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Florida.

    Where did get the Belo name from?

    My full name is Jean Bélony Murat, when I was a kid my mother use to call me BélO. I keep it for my artist name because it’s easy to pronounce in many languages.

    What part of Haiti are you from?

    I come from a very small village in the east of Port-au-Prince called Croix-des-Bouquets

    What is the music scene in Haiti like?

    Haiti has various scenes with different style of music. Haiti has lots of talented musicians. Presently there is a big movement of acoustic and alternative musicians. We have Rap Kreyol, Rasin, Konpa, Hip Hop, and Reggae influence and my style which is “Ragganga”.

    You have been doing music for a while now, how has the road been for you?

    I have been doing music since the age of 11. I decided to become a professional musician, but waited after I finished school on 2005, that is when my first album “Lakou Trankil” came out. I was lucky enough to win the prestigious “Prix Radio France International Discoveries of 2006.” I have been on the road for awhile now, and it has been very good to me.

    You have been touring all over the world, what is that experience like and do you have any interesting stories to share?

    Every show is a piece to my puzzle, and giving a better image of my country overseas is my goal; but my favorite story really has little to do with music. My first trip to Africa was Cameroon for “Prix RFI 2006.” The first night when I arrive, the musicians and I were invites to a dinner. I had jetlag, so I really couldn’t stay until the end of the dinner. A couple of the musicians and I decided to go back to the hotel. We took a taxi, and the taxi driver took us for a ride. We were ambushed and stop by the local police. We had to give whiskey money to be released, if you know what I mean…

    How did the earthquake affect you and your music if at all?

    The earthquake affected every Haitians, in a way or another. The day before the earthquake I had left Haiti for a concert in Guadeloupe. It was very hard for me to stay without any news from friends and family for two days. I decided not to cancel my performance on Jan 16, 2010 at L’artchipel in Guadeloupe, and instead to have a benefit concert and show support to my country. My home was fractured, and I was able to relocate temporarily in France with the help of Cultures France. The experience changed my plan, and my life. I have learned so many things from this bad experience that I want to turn it into something good, like a new beginning for my country. I think every one should learn from this experience, and try to be a better man every single day.

    Your album Reference is getting some recognition all over world. I saw you perform on TV 5 Monde. Is this your biggest album to date?

    My debut album Lakou Trankil gave me a lot of recognition, this album introduced me to the public, and I received many awards, especially the “Prix RFI Award.” Reference was my first international album because the first, Lakou Trankil, was not distributed globally. I love each album just like my mother loves all her children. They are all different, and they are all good. I really can’t say which one is the biggest, based on which criteria: touring more? sales? message? or musically? It is difficult to say.

    What is the next step for Belo?

    I want to produce other artists. I have different projects that I am working on right now like: Festival in my village “Croix des bouquet” on Oct 5-6, and new album for a young artist and a cultural center with a library.

    Is there anything else people should know about Belo that they don’t know?

    I like to be challenged, and mostly I am a risk taker when it comes to composing music. Oh! I would like to open up for David Matthew’s band one day.

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  • Singing Melody’s Reggae’s Influence on the 2012 US Presidential Election!

    Politics has always influenced Reggae music. As the genre emerged over the years, artists used their voices as a vehicle in support of, or to speak out against issues originating from the political arena.

    Singing Melody, arguably one of the most celebrated Reggae artists, lends his voice to the upcoming US Presidential election, and in support of the political campaign of Barack Obama.

    Participating in political discussions, canvassing, and being a poll station volunteer in South Florida, Singing Melody is actively in support of the Obama administration. “If we don’t take a stand and become active in the upcoming election, decisions will be made for us, and I don’t think we’ll like what those decisions are” said Melody from Jamaica ahead of his departure for South Florida where he’ll work from a campaign office and drive elderly voters to the polls. “What is encouraging is to see how many people from the Caribbean, now living in the US, are involved in this process. We will make the difference.”

    As a resident of Jamaica and South Florida, Singing Melody sees the impact of the political process on his neighbours, and Floridians in general. “This election doesn’t just affect Americans, it affects all countries around the world. I haven’t heard Romney mention anything about relations with Jamaica and the Caribbean, yet the Caribbean has been a focus to the Obama administration.”

    In a document entitled ‘Latin America and the Caribbean: U.S. Policy and Key Issues for Congress in 2012,’ the Obama administration lays out its focus for the Latin and Caribbean region by stating: “Current U.S. policy toward the region is focused on four priorities: promoting economic and social opportunity; ensuring citizen security; strengthening effective democratic institutions; and securing a clean energy future. There has been substantial continuity in U.S. policy toward the region under the Obama Administration, which has pursued some of the same basic policy approaches as the Bush Administration. Nevertheless, the Obama Administration has made several significant policy changes, including an overall emphasis on partnership and shared responsibility.”

    Americans take to the polls on Tuesday November 6th, 2012 where they have the option to vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney or re-elect President Barack Obama who is a Democrat.

    Upcoming for Singing Melody includes a Mini U.S. Tour including performances with Beenie Man in November, Christmas in Jamaica and New Years Eve in New York. In early 2013, Melody hits Europe and Japan.

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  • Paradise Riddim F. Machel Montano, Kerwin Dubois, Farmer, Nadia,

    Imagine your sweetest dream, wrapped up in a favourite memory, covered in your most secret of decadent cravings, all put to music that just lifts you up and takes you far away to a place where your soul can get lost in perfectly honeyed harmonies.

    Precision Productions invites each and every one of you to this state of bliss with their brand new “Paradise Riddim”.

    These zouk-infused harmony laced tracks, titillate as they soothe; while also showcasing an artistic cast, whose sole purpose is to get you in the groove.

    With two masterful monarchs, Machel Montano and Teddyson John, along with gifted experts Farmer Nappy and Kerwin Du Bois, in addition to the skillful songstresses, Nadia Batson and Beverley.S, alongside the elegant strings of Alternative Quartet, this release is jam packed with a savory style that guarantees pure listening ecstasy.

    Once again team Precision has successfully expanded its melodious frontiers, injecting its delightfully sublime sound into yet another season.

    Êtes-vous prêts à danser avec Precision Productions pour le Carnaval 2013? Oui Oui!

    Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
    Vocal Production by Precision Productions

    Live Music by “Precision Live Band”
    Additional Guitars – Carlos Bridge (Antigua)

    Mastered by Sterling Sound, New York

    Alternative Quartet – I Am Paradise
    Written by Andre Donawa & Kasey Phillips
    Performed by Alternative Quartet

    Nadia Batson – Fireman
    Written by Nadia Batson & Kasey Phillips
    Performed by Nadia Batson

    Farmer Nappy – Drunk
    Written by Jeremy Jacob, Kasey Phillips, Darryl Henry & Machel Montano
    Performed by Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry
    Background Vocals by Jenna Gaston

    Kerwin Du Bois – Wettin
    Written by Kerwin Du Bois & Kasey Phillips
    Performed by Kerwin Du Bois
    Background Vocals by Shereita Lewis

    Machel Montano – Drinkin’ Rum
    Written by Full Blown Entertainment, Kasey Phillips & Machel Montano
    Performed by Machel Montano
    Background Vocals by Jenna Gaston & Full Blown Entertainment

    Teddyson John – Push Back
    Written by Jeremy Jacob & Kasey Phillips
    Performed by Teddyson John
    Background Vocals by Jenna Gaston

    Bevereley.S – You’re Not Alone
    Written By Beverley Sookermany & Kasey Phillips
    Performed by Beverley “Beverley.S” Sookermany

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  • BélO On the Move with Ragganga

    Born in Haiti, BélO is a young, socially conscious artist committed to the Haitian cause. With his musical style known as ‘Ragganga,’ he and his band deliver a sophisticated, high-energy sound, mixing jazz, rock, reggae, and “Rara” traditional Vodou rhythms. BélO is active in many humanitarian efforts to rebuild Haiti.

    Center StageSM is the largest public diplomacy effort in recent history to bring foreign artists to American communities. Administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts, this public-private partnership is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs that is bringing renowned contemporary artists from Haiti, Indonesia, and Pakistan to the U.S. to engage Americans in cultural diplomacy as a way to create opportunities for greater understanding. Additional private funding has been provided by the Asian Cultural Council, the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, and the Doris Duke Fo
    ndation for Islamic Art. General management is provided by Lisa Booth Management Inc.

    For a full list of Center StageSM artists and more information on the program, please visit the Center StageSM website at

    cordially invites you to a performance & reception featuring
    Center StageSM artist BélO

    Hibernian Hall | Roxbury, MA
    Friday, October 26, 2012 | 8:00 PM

    Purchase tickets on the Hibernian Hall website here.
    Tickets are $20, and include the performance and reception
    with the artists immediately following the show.

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  • An n’ Pale | Café Conversation with Dancer & Choreographer Nadia Dieudonné Friday, October 26th, 2012

    After 15 years performing the world over, choreographer, dancer and teacher Nadia Dieudonné has created a name for herself as the best Banda dancer outside of Haiti.

    In 1994, she created Nadia Dieudonné & Feet of Rhythm, an Afro-Haitian dance company where she creates, develops and fuses the traditional Vodou dances with her unique contemporary style. Dieudonné has instructed several master classes at NYU, Katherine Dunham Dance Institute, and Alvin Ailey NYC, as well as City College and State University of San Francisco.

    Nadia has performed with masters in her field, such as Haitian icon
    Jean-Léon Destiné & his Afro-Haitian Dance Company, Ballet Djoniba, Charles Moore Dance Theater and Forces of Nature. As a solo artist Nadia has been commissioned to perform throughout the US, as well as Canada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Holland, Japan and Trinidad.

    Come join us for a discussion with Nadia about her work, inspiration, and the importance of Haiti and its culture in her career.

    Where & When
    Five Myles Gallery
    558 St Johns Place
    Brooklyn, New York 11238
    Friday, October 26th
    $10 suggested donation.
    Light refreshment will be served.

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  • Nakedi Debuts New Single, “Sweet Thang”

    Nakedi Debuts New Single, “Sweet Thang”

    South African Artist Brings R&B Gobal

    South African artist Nakedi brings his brand of R&B music to the global sound stage with the release of his latest single, “Sweet Thang,” now available worldwide from digital retailers including iTunes and Amazon, from his very own label, Naked Eye Entertainment.

    The idea behind the sentimental song is a very simple one, according to the entertainer. “It’s a message about love, about truth and about pure intimacy on the deepest level,” reveals Nakedi. “It’s a reminder of how we felt when we were young, when we were kids. When we had that carefree kind of love. This is just a reminder that it can be like that as we are grown, and trying to make it in this crazy life with someone chosen just for you.”
    Nakedi takes on double duty as both a singer and songwriter. He hails from Pretoria, a capital city of South Africa, and now resides in Johannesburg. His love for music was kindled at a young age of 14 when he started to write and perform songs on stage. When this love for music solidified, he started taking weekend piano lessons with jazz musicians to explore different avenues of the arts. When the opportunity came to study a music degree, he decided instead to follow a computer science major, and to become a computer programmer and take the corporate route. However, his passion for music never died but stayed alive like a torch in the dark. His favorite past time has always been writing and producing songs, which are now ready to be released and shared with the world.

    Nakedi, who has a slew of fresh tracks in the works, also has previously-released tunes under his Naked Eye Entertainment imprint. His hits include “Run With It” in 2011, and “What Ever,” released earlier this year. The remix of “What Ever” is dubbed “What Ever You Want,” and will be released later this month.

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  • Northampton Halloween Parade

    Northampton Halloween Parade

    Wednesday, October 31st, @ 6: pm
    Theme: CIRCLE OF LOVE…a celebration of love, humanity and diversity.

    Open call to everyone to participate in Northampton Halloween Parade. All creative mavens are welcome: artists-designers, costume makers, musicians, street performers, hoopsters, dancers, drummers & percussionists, circus artists, stilt walkers, burlesques, mimes and costume revelers.

    The parade will assemble at FiztWilly’s parking lot from 5: pm…and proceed up Main Street to the Forbes Library, where it will conclude with a jam session on the big lawn. Everyone is welcome to join the parade…come as you are or come in costume.

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  • Junior Kelly Europe Fall Tour Kick Off Next Week

    Junior Kelly Europe Fall Tour Kick Off Next Week

    Fall tour kick off next friday, 26th October, in Amiens, France.
    This tour will travel through countries like France, Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland always backed by Roots Harmonic Band but can be added more dates till 16th November.

    Junior Kelly was born Keith Morgan on September 23, 1969, the youngest of five children, and grew up in the Waltham Park area of Kingston, Jamaica. Kelly was part of a musical family; both his father and grandfather played banjo, and his mother sang at their local church. Although the family was of limited means, Kelly later recalled that the family’s deep love for one another kept them going through hard times. On his official website, Kelly explained that despite having frequently to do without, the family stayed happy “because we knew we had each other to lean on.”

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  • Mojo Morgan Of International Reggae Band “Morgan Heritage” Hospitalized

    Mojo Morgan Of International Reggae Band “Morgan Heritage” Hospitalized

    Mojo Morgan of International Reggae Band “Morgan Heritage” has been hospitalized. On Wednesday night the artist fell critically ill while in studio mixing for the new Morgan Heritage album at the Circle House in Miami, Florida.

    At this time no further information is available, but an official statement will soon be released.
    Mojo Morgan who is also on a promotional tour for the release of his single “New Dawn” featuring Peetah Morgan, was slated to co headline over the weekend at the Hot 97FM Boston anniversary. His brother Gramps Morgan will be filling in for him.

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  • Morgan Heritage’s Youngest Member “Mojo Morgan” Stabilized After Minor Setbacks

    Morgan Heritage’s Youngest Member “Mojo Morgan” Stabilized After Minor Setbacks

    After a few minor setbacks Dr’s at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center in Aventura, Florida have been able to stabilize Mojo Morgan. Immense tests and results are still underway to determine the actual cause of this unexpected illness that hospitalized the “New Dawn” singer.

    An anonymous source close to the family has said that Mojo is grateful just to be alive and has every intention to rise up from this unfortunate situation to return back to what he does best.
    An official statement is still to come when Dr’s can actually determine what sickness over took the youngest member in Morgan Heritage in South Florida.

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    With the Caribbean’s rich musical and cultural heritage, Tropicalfete is challenging Caribbean governments, private and public organizations to seriously consider investing heavily in music tourism. There is an enormous diversity of music and musical rhythms which would make music tourism an experience that people from all walks of life would enjoy and appreciate. The Caribbean is not about only sea-water, sand and sunshine. Each island has established and famous musicians, modern bands, school bands, traditional folk bands with unique and interesting rhythms.

    Music is similar to sports, it has no barriers and no boundaries. Once it is marketed effectively, music tourism will definitely increase visitor arrivals resulting in employment opportunities to different sections of the communities, therefore boosting economic activity for the islands. Hotels, guest houses, restaurants, farmers, crafters, artists, car rental companies, service stations, tour guides, boutiques etc will benefit tremendously with a well marketed, well organized music tourism industry.

    The economic benefits to be derived from music tourism will definitely filter to all sectors of society. Organizers and stake-holders of such an important event should make it entertaining as well as educational. However, visitors as well as nationals will have the opportunity to choose what aspect of this industry best interest them, be it music festivals, street parties, dances, music classes and/or demonstrations. Music Tourism will not only be entertaining and educational, it will include fashion, food, drinks and shopping which is also some of the ingredients in any musical environment. It is a well-known fact that music is a universal language, be it in english, kweyol, spanish, french, dutch or latin, everyone can relate to it, so Governments/stakeholders should make every effort to introduce music tourism as soon as possible to the islands’ calender of activities.

    Tropicalfete is of the opinion that since music tourism will be entertaining, educational, inspirational and motivational; it will be family oriented and attract people from all walks of life. Therefore the onus is on Goverments/stakeholders to step up to the stage and hit the right notes to increase economic activity on the islands.

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  • Destine Media To Serve As Publicist To International Reggae Artist Anthony B

    Destine Media to Serve as Publicist to International Reggae Artist Anthony B

    “Anthony B is no stranger to the music fraternity, he has definitely made a huge impact in the reggae music arena and we are happy to be a part of his musical journey”, says Ronnie Tomlinson, Managing Director of Destine Media.

    Destine Media a small boutique Media Management Company has worked with Reggae/Dancehall artist I-Octane in the past.

    “We currently serve as publicist and booking agent for International Dancehall artist Konshens and we are proud to have Anthony B on board” Ronnie states.

    Proven as a strong media, PR and promotional company, Anthony B saw this as a perfect partnership with Destine Media to help elevate the recent phase in his career.

    “Traveling the globe for over 10 years has allowed me to share my music with the world. Now I would like to structure the promotional, PR and booking side of Anthony B’s career. As an artist we must always look to elevate our career, perfect our craft and seek better ways to get our message across, therefore I saw Destine Media as the right company to assist me in those areas.” states Anthony B

    Currently re-couping from his recent hospitalization, Anthony B will take some time off from touring and is working with promoters to re-schedule his 2012 tour dates. Destine Media is currently scheduling some radio and magazine interviews in the upcoming weeks as Anthony B is ready to send the message to his fellow Reggae and Dancehall artist about the importance of our culture, the impact of reggae music, and preserving our music.

    Anthony B’s first interview since his release from the hospital will be on SoundChat Radio on Tuesday, October 23 from 5 p.m. EST – 8 p.m. EST

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  • Hapilos Entertainment Group Signs Rising Artist “Anarchie” To Management Deal

    Hapilos Entertainment Group announces a new addition to their roster by welcoming dancehall artist “ANARCHIE”. Although you might not yet be familiar with this talented young man, Anarchie has been crafting his musical education since attending Jamaica College High School For Boys, but it is under the mentoring of Bounty Killer that he developed his skills as an artiste.

    Anarchie credits veteran DJ and founding member Bounty Killer as being a major source of inspiration, he dubs Bounty as being his musical“fadda”. From the gained knowledge, Anarchie founded his own studio called “Active One Productions” and wrote a song for Bounty Killer called “War Bridge”. As any rising artist knows, performing is also a major part to a well rounded artist, and performing alongside some of the biggest names in the dancehall fraternity Anarchie perfected his stage presence. Anarchie performed for his fans on some of the biggest stage shows such as Saddle to the East in 2006, Fully Loaded in 2008 and The Arthur Guinness Show in 2010.

    His debut single “Ghetto Nice But It No Pretty” on the MockingBird Rhythm was well received and led to several more singles such as “Brutal Conflict”, “The Message” and the hit “Just Gi Mi Weed” to which a video was released.

    His charisma, talent and exposure led him to be introduced to Hapilos Entertainment, and the connection was instant and mutual. Anarchie found his home and is now the newest artist signed to Hapilos Entertainment.

    “Out of all the things that Hapilos Entertainment does as a company, be it distributing, producing and marketing music, staging and promoting events, managing and booking artistes, artiste development is our favorite. To take a young talent like Anarchie, build on what he has and develop him into a successful musician brings us great satisfaction. We appreciate the challenges that come with it; The roadblocks, the hard work and obstacles that a young artiste trying to make it in this business encounters today. We welcome all these challenges because it makes the success that much satisfying and we are confident that with the skills and talent that Anarchie has, Hapilos Entertainment can make him into a great artiste.” states Hapilos management.

    Anarchie is hard at work in the studio, writing and voicing some new material to soon be released for his eager fans. “I am excited. I am doing this for a long time so It’s my time now. I am very grateful and I plan to use the opportunity to work hard and make my name in the industry.”

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  • ONE MIC ‘the Artistic Movement’ Launch Internationally November 2012

    ONE MIC ‘the Artistic Movement’
    Launch Internationally
    November 2012

    In recent years there have been a decrease in events, which showcase the artistic talent and creativity of our Caribbean entertainers; with the exception of a few concerts. We have been bombarded with events featuring 15 – 20 artists all scheduled to perform and showcase their talent within five hours. Therefore, we at Destine Media and D’events ask the question; How will an artist fanbase grow? How will the fans get to know the true talent and creativity of the artist performing before them? How can an artist really shine on a stage in 5-10 minutes? How will fans respect the craft and talent of ‘real artists’ if the artist is not given the opportunity to prove themselves?

    The majority of promoters no longer host concerts. Instead promoters are compelled to place an artist on a birthday party or an annual DJ celebration, in order to keep the party atmosphere and receive the support from patrons. Our Caribbean Entertainement sector is rarely showcased in an artistic manner or supported with the proper production. These ‘shows’ have become parties mixed with a twenty (20) minute performance set from the hired artist and then its back to the party.

    As a result we have a culture of music, which is no longer seen to the masses and fans as a craft that has been nurtured or a talent that has been groomed. We begin to hear people say;”No good artist are around anymore”, “The music gone to the dogs”, “Dancehall dead”, “No good Reggae Music is coming out of Jamaica again”.

    Destine Media beg to differ, the music and talent is still there but the platforms are no longer provided for the talent. We no longer have a multitude of DJs willing to play new music or ‘one drop’ music. We believe our culture lacks a proper platform to showcase talent, artists lack the proper promotion and we are begining to pigeon hole what the masses should hear.

    Destine Media a boutique Media Management Company based in New York City currently representing two of Jamaica’s most prominent reggae and dancehall artist; Anthony B and Konshens; along with D’events a corporate communications company in Kingston, Jamaica has decided to start a monthly event titled “One Mic, ‘The Artistic Movement”.

    One Mic,(New York) will only feature one artist per event. During this event the artist will be allotted anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour of stage performance time accompanied by an acoustic set. We decided to strip the band from five (5) instruments to two (2) or three (3) instruments instead. Destine Media strongly believe that having only two (2 ) or three (3) instruments accompany the artist, will showcase them in their pure form. We believe the talent and creativity of an artist will shine so much more with less.

    The artist and musical director will take the time out to produce a special set performance. This will resonate with the audience as something different and provide them with an opportunity to see the artist with less “frills” stripped of all the extra “stuff”.

    One Mic, is not only a great platform for the artist to shine, but is also a great platform for the audience to ask questions and get to know what were some inspirations behind the artist career and musical journey.

    One Mic, (New York) is an event currently like no other in New York. The environment is a learning art space that is conducive to the art and the enjoyment of music. Galapagos Art Space, the home of One Mic (New York), is a 9,000 sq ft Obie Award winning cultural venue located in the historic DUMBO area of Brooklyn. The guests are seated on 1600 sq ft of indoor lake; a building with island seating surrounded by a beautiful operatic style mezzanine.

    One Mic, ‘The Artistic Movement’ will help to elevate the perception of Caribbean music and culture as well as bring a resurgence of patrons attending concerts to enjoy an artistic moment.
    One Mic will launch on Wednedsday, November 28th in Brooklyn, New York at Galapagos Art Space and on Friday, November 30th in Kingston ,Jamaica at Daily Perc Cafe at 23 Haining Road (New Kingston).

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  • Sanjay’s Intense Wining Contest

    The Intense Dancehall artiste, Sanjay has released his new single and this time he is telling the ladies to “Wine Like You Love Me”! This up-tempo, high energy song is sure to get the ladies moving on the dance-floor as it blends hardcore Dancehall rhythm with a pretty sounding musicality not always typical of the genre.

    Sanjay says he wanted to experiment and make the song appealing to the authentic Dancehall markets but still very musical and bright and happy sounding as seen with the use of extensive harmonies and interesting keyboard phrases. “Recently, a lot of the wining songs targeting the ladies have been pretty raw and hardcore, I wanted to do something with a more sexy feel to it” Sanjay explains.
    Not only has the artiste dropped the single, but he also has a “Wine Like You Love Me” promotion going on where all ladies are encouraged to do a dance routine to the song and email it to Shortlisted finalists will then be announced and on November 5th, the female with the most likes on her video will win for herself a brand new Blackberry 9360!

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  • International Festival Of Authors (IFOA) Shines The Spotlight On The Charles Taylor Prize And Its 2012 Winner Andrew Westoll

    International Festival of Authors (IFOA) shines the spotlight on The Charles Taylor Prize and its 2012 winner Andrew Westoll, Friday October 26th

    The International Festival of Authors (IFOA) joins forces with the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction (CTP) for an evening of literary discussion headlined CTP 2012 winner, Andrew Westoll, author of The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary. Mr. Westoll will be joined on stage by international writers Stuart Clark and Richard Ford. CBC announcer Jeff Douglas is the evening’s host.

    WHEN: Friday, October 26 at 8:00 pm
    WHERE: Brigantine Room, York Quay Centre, Toronto
    IFOA Tickets: $15 members / $18 for non-members. Reserve tickets online: or Harbourfront Box Office 416-973-4000
    WHO: Andrew Westoll holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. He is the author of the travel memoir The Riverbones and a Gold National Magazine Award winner for works appearing in publications such as The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, Globe and Mail and The Guardian. Westoll shares his 2012 Charles Taylor Prize-winning work, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, the true story of a remarkable family of chimpanzees who spent decades as test subjects in a medical research lab and are now slowly recovering in an animal sanctuary near Montreal.

    US author Richard Ford
    Richard Ford has published six novels and four collections of stories. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and the PEN/Faulkner Award for Independence Day and the PEN/Malamud Award for excellence in short fiction. His latest novel, Canada, follows a 15-year-old Montana boy who finds himself in Saskatchewan after his parents are incarcerated for armed robbery.
    Stuart Clark is a former editor of the UK’s bestselling popular astronomy magazine Astronomy Now and a visiting fellow of the University of Hertfordshire. He divides most of his time between writing books and writing for the European Space Agency as senior editor for space science, alongside producing features for the BBC.
    He has written 17 books to date, which have been translated into 12 languages. Clark’s The Sensorium of God is the second in a trilogy of novels inspired by the dramatic struggles and key historical events in man’s quest to understand the universe.

    UK space author Stuart Clark
    Jeff Douglas is the co-host of As it Happens on CBC Radio One. He starred in the documentaries Making History and Things That Move and hosted the award-winning series Ancestors in the Attic. Douglas has won numerous awards including three Gemini nominations and a Kari Award for his commercial work, which includes playing Joe Canadian in the now legendary “I Am Canadian” campaign.


    This is a rare opportunity to learn about the genre of literary non-fiction and hear personal stories, experiences and views from three of the world’s most eloquent and thought provoking writers.

    CBC announcer Jeff Douglas is the host of the Charles Taylor Prize evening at IFOA

    The Charles Taylor Prize is the country’s most prestigious literary non-fiction award. Since 2000, the Prize has been a major driving force behind the recognition and growth of Canadian non-fiction.
    The presenting sponsor of 2012 The Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction is RBC Wealth Management. The major sponsor is Windfields Farm. Its exclusive newspaper sponsor is The Globe and Mail. Media sponsors are CBC Books, CNW Group, The Huffington Post Canada, Maclean’s magazine, and Quill & Quire magazine; and its In-Kind sponsors are Authors at Harbourfront Centre, Ben McNally Books, Event Source, Indigo Books and Music, Kobo Inc. and The King Edward Hotel.

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  • Gramps Morgan Launches Pearl Health Systems

    Gramps Morgan Launches Pearl Health Systems
    Years after his mother’s passing, Roy “Gramps” Morgan continues to find ways to honour Pearl’s memory in song and most recently, through his new organic based vitamin supplements line, the Pearl Health Systems.

    “Seeing my mother suffer the dreadful effects of cancer inspired this initiative for prevention, and the maintenance of our bodies. Typically, I use my music as a means to help heal people; the Pearl Health Systems is another way for me to help enhance the lives of others by educating people about the importance of prevention and taking a proactive approach to wellness to eliminate the need for cures and remedies.”

    Speaking candidly, Gramps continues, “Today there is a huge war going on that is not in the mainstream media. That war is between the pharmaceutical companies and the homeopathic methods used to maintain health and to avoid diseases and ailments; including but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and sexual dysfunctions. Pearl Health Systems offers a natural way of staying healthy; eliminating free radicals from the human body through the proper balance of essential vitamins and nutrients. Our products are not cures for any particular ailment or disease, but rather an alternative to the chemically based drugs called medicine. These organic based vitamins can help to maintain and regulate the body’s natural cycle.”

    Although the line has over two thousand products, Morgan has only unveiled twelve to start, specific to both men and women’s health. Two such products are Iron Man – a supplement to aid
    with sexual satisfaction, performance, and dysfunction and Virtuous Woman – to help increase energy, endurance, stamina and sexual desire.

    The health conscious Morgan is a multifaceted entrepreneur, who prior to Pearl Health Systems had been developing his own line of food. Expect to see an official launch of “Gramps Farms” next year.

    Jemere Morgan – Teen Idol on the Rise

    As near and dear as health and food are to Gramps’ heart, watching his son on the path of teen stardom is his greatest pride. Just over a year ago, when they launched the career of Gramps’ now 17 year old son, Jemere Morgan, the Dada Son Entertainment label proved that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    “According to the tween-teen girls, my son is a teen darling. Thanks to Team Jemere he’s becoming an underground phenomenon among Reggae lovers, particularly for Caribbean parents who are thrilled to have a positive young black man their children can look up to. Jemere is their Beiber,” says Gramps who plays the major role in mentoring and grooming Jemere’s brand and music.

    Jemere Morgan’s debut single First Kiss garnered airplay on major radio stations in Jamaica including Irie Fm and ZipFM, as did his follow up single Sunshine Glow whose accompanying video peeked at #1 on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown. Meanwhile, his single International Love has joined Sunshine Glow on SiriusXM Radio’s The Joint’s playlist. International Love also hit #1 in the UK this week on the Karma Reggae Show. Further, the single also charted on both Italy’s Under Pressure and Da Flava Radio’s NMT Top10 in Atlanta where Jemere’s track Bounce is currently charting at #5 on the NMT Dancehall chart.

    His next single, She’s Gone, was produced by Stanley “Rellee” Hayden, one half of Pop music’s renowned production duo, The A-Team. A joint venture between Dada Son Entertainment, VPal – a subsidiary of VP Records, and A-Team Music, She’s Gone is expected to be released at the end of this quarter. Jemere’s debut album, High School Graduation is slated for release on Dada Son in the first quarter of 2013.

    As Jemere Morgan’s popularity amongst the Caribbean’s youth steadily expands to new regions including Oceania, it is clear that a new star is on the rise.

    South Pacific Tour

    During a recent mini tour of his second solo album – Reggae Music Lives – in the South Pacific, Gramps took advantage of the opportunity to set Jemere’s promotional campaign in that region in motion.

    “This tour was historic and it was really a special moment in my solo career…” says Gramps. The tour included 2 shows in New Caledonia, a country where Gramps had already had the pleasure of performing as a member of Morgan Heritage. New ground was broken in Oceania as Gramps became the first Reggae artist to perform in The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Ironically, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine Middleton were departing, just as Reggae royalty was arriving.

    “It was crazy man, these people were calling me the King of Reggae and I was saying no Bob Marley is the King, and still they insisted explaining that to be a king you must be alive; so they see me as a living king in Reggae. It was unbelievable! Being the first Reggae artist to perform in concert in The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu is such a great honour for me. It was an awesome moment to be a part of and a very humbling experience.”

    While in that part of the world, Gramps also had his first ever performances in Australia; a place where he plans to return.

    In the near future, some of Gramps’ upcoming performances in this last quarter include The Barclays Centre on November 2 with Morgan Heritage and the Island Company Clothing Launch in West Palm Beach on December 7. He will also give his first solo performance in his home parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica on December 22, before returning to New York City to ring in the new year on December 31 with Sanchez and Friends.

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  • Konshens Announce the Title of His Sophomore Album ‘Hotel Room’

    International Dancehall Artist Konshens announces the title of his Sophmore Album ‘Hotel Room’. Here is what Konshens had to say about the title and expectations of his upcoming album to be released 2013.

    Q. So how did you come up with the title ‘Hotel Room’?

    “The last album ‘Mental Maintenance’ had me on the road for the majority of the year, I was unable to go to the studio and voice as often as I would like. So we brought the studio on the road and voiced in the ‘Hotel Room’.

    My producer and engineer Mark Hize is also my DJ when on the road., so more time after a show we vibe and voice a song. On this album if you hear a soca song its possible that we just done perform a Trinidad and then go back to we room and voice. You may hear a bad one drop and we were probably in Africa at the time.

    So the title really signifies the hard work we put in this past year on the road, thanks to ‘Mental Maintenance’ and the work we continue to do while on the road and voicing every chance we get in and out of the ‘Hotel Room’”.

    Q. Looking back at 2012 and the success of your worldwide debut album ‘Mental Maintenance’ and what it has done for your career, are there any expectations for your Sophomore album ‘Hotel Room’?

    “Naaa. From a creative standpoint, which is the only part a try to focus on, I have no expectations nor will I even try to compare this album to the first. All I’m doing is coming real again with the same effort put into every track and hope the end product is good enough to gain public approval.

    I’m already in love with it now though, final is gonna be crazy. My aim is just to make another great album. Let my team worry about the numbers”.

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  • “Biolife Sounds Of Reggae Concert” To Benefit College Kids & Women In Jamaica

    “Biolife Sounds Of Reggae Concert” To Benefit College Kids & Women In Jamaica

    George Crooks, event producer for the upcoming ‘BioLife Sounds of Reggae Concert,’ slated from the newly minted Barclays Center in Brooklyn on December 12, 2012 announced earlier this week that part proceeds from the festival will benefit The American Foundation for The University of the West Indies( AFUWI), a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that serves to enrich the lives of college children and women in Jamaica.

    “The American Foundation for The University of the West Indies ( AFUWI) is pleased to benefit from part of the proceeds from the Sounds of Reggae Concert at the Barclay Center” Ann-Marie Grant, Executive Director of AFUWI said.

    “Being the first to stage a reggae concert, featuring artistes who are among the best in the industry in the Barclay Center is historic for the promoters. Their decision to donate part of the proceeds towards the scholarship program for students who cannot afford college and the education of the young and underserved is an incredible legacy that will benefit so many, long after the Sounds of Reggae concert is over. On behalf of the students who will benefit, I would like to say we are truly grateful.”

    The historic concert, which features international superstars Ali Campbell (UB40), Maxi Priest, Beres Hammond and multi platinum selling artiste Shaggy, continues to garner positive support from the community. Just last week, the Consul General of Jamaica, New York, Herman G. LaMont announced that his office has thrown their full support behind the annual concert. A media ‘Meet & Greet’ for the concert – with special guest Maxi Priest – will be held at The Jamaican Consulate General office in Manhattan on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.

    An elated George Crooks, CEO of Jammins Entertainment said, “I am pleased that the Jamaican Consulate General office has endorsed our efforts to put together a historic reggae concert and to donate part proceeds from the event to the AFUWI scholarship fund. I am also excited about the positive response from the community since the concert date was announced. This event, promises to be one of the best reggae concerts ever staged in the tri-state area and all the acts are eager to deliver a spectacular performance for fans” he said.

    Doors to the concert open at 6:00PM with show time set to begin at 7:30PM sharp.

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  • Texas Revs It’s Engine For Formula 1

    Circuit Of The Americas is the latest addition to Texas’ exciting landscape

    Racing fans, rejoice! November 16-18 marks the first Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the brand new Circuit of The Americas in Austin, the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the country designed for racing events of all forms, and a world-class destination for performance, education and business. Formula 1 has selected Austin to hold races from 2012 to 2021 because of the city’s central location, easy accessibility for international fans, desirable climate and world-class music scene.

    “Texas is already one of the top destinations for sports fans in the country, and the debut of Circuit of the Americas is a unique opportunity for the state to add to this wealth of offerings,” Texas Tourism director Brad Smyth said.

    Formula 1 is the highest level of auto racing sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, the governing body of world motorsports. Comparable to the Olympics and Soccer’s FIFA World Cup, Formula 1 has a massive following of more than 520 million viewers in 187 countries. As the most-watched annual television sport in the world, Formula 1 will bring Texas to millions of viewers around the globe.

    The FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™ will attract as many as 300,000 people each race weekend, with an estimated 80 percent of attendees coming from outside Texas. In addition to elevating Texas as a world-class destination for sports enthusiasts around the globe, the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix weekend at Circuit of the Americas is estimated to have an economic impact of approximately $400-500 million.

    The Circuit of The Americas’ boasts a one of a kind, 5.5 km track with capacity for 120,000 fans and an elevation change of approximately 40 metre. Circuit of The Americas is situated on a 1,000-acre site in southeast Austin, approximately two miles from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, with scenic views of downtown.

    Keeping with Austin’s reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World, some of the biggest names in music will soon be entertaining fans at Circuit of The Americas. Once completed in 2013, the Tower Amphitheater will be the largest permanent stage in Austin, with a capacity of 15,000 people, and will host major concerts and national touring events through a partnership with Live Nation.

    The Circuit of the Americas complex will also include a conference center, banquet hall and state-of-the-art medical facility. Future proposed features include a driving/riding experience, a motorsports driving club, kart track, grand plaza event center and tower, and a trackside recreational vehicle park.

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  • 3rd Annual Flatbush Film Festival West Indian Edition

    Film Lovers & Caribbean Enthusiasts! caribFILM, a division of caribBEING, a boutique non-profit based in Flatbush whose mission is to “build community through the lens of Caribbean cinema and art,” presents the 3rd Annual Flatbush Film Festival: West Indian Edition. caribBEING presents 11 classic & contemporary films in 7 nights with 4 US Premieres including Ring di Alarm! (Jamaica), No Soca, No Life (Trinidad & Tobago), Cabbie Chronicles(Jamaica) and an encore presentation of the popular, I’m Santana, The Movie (Trinidad & Tobago) throughout 3 cinemas from October 25th through November 14th, 2012. The selections will be shown at Maysles, TriBeCa and Brooklyn Heights Cinemas.

    The festival lineup is led by Horace Ove’s cult classic film Pressure, the first feature film made by a black British filmmaker. Viewers can also expect the screenings of Stones in the Sun starring MacArthur Genius, Edwidge Dandicat by Patricia Benoit, Barrio Cuba by Humberto Solas and West Indies by Mauritania/French filmmaker Med Hondo.

    According to Festival Director, Shelley V. Worrell, “the mission of caribBEING being fulfilled through Flatbush Film Fest is important because we are providing a platform for deserving filmmakers and artists to share their groundbreaking works in one of the most important Caribbean cities in the world.” In just 3 years, the Flatbush Film Fest has featured Caribbean films from virtually every genre while unifying various groups of Caribbean people with one another, as well as non-Caribbean film aficionados for the love of cinema. The festival has received tremendous support from an number of Caribbean & Flatbush community establishments who have generously donated food and refreshments for the screenings. caribBEING has also earned the backing and support from several student groups including Brooklyn College’s Caribbean Students Union, Haitian-American Students Association and Brooklyn Students Union.

    About caribBeing:
    Since 2010 caribBEING has been dedicated to building community through the lens of Caribbean
    Diaspora film, art and culture. To date, cariBBeing has presented three years of successful
    programming that included successful presentations of several indoor and outdoor film series, art
    exhibitions, cultural programs and residencies showcasing the cultural and artistic contributions of the
    Caribbean Diaspora with an emphasis on Flatbush, Brooklyn drawing over 4k attendees. We find and
    showcase the best in cinema, art and culture.

    About the Films (Week 1):

    Title: Pressure
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago/UK
    Year: 1975
    TRT: 70 mins
    Director(s): Horace Ove
    Synopsis: TONY, THE London-born son of Trinidadian migrants, can’t find a suitable job, in spite of his impressive O-Level qualifications. Harassed by his parents for his supposed idleness, and by his older brother for denying his black identity, Tony is pushed to the margins of an increasingly alienating society. The first British feature by a black filmmaker, Pressure is the classic, passionate story of a young man’s political awakening and his struggle for a sense of being and place.

    Title: Doubles w/Slight Pepper
    Country: Canada/USA/Trinidad & Tobago
    Year: 2011
    TRT: 16 mins
    Director(s): Ian Harnarine
    Synopsis: In rural Trinidad, Dhani struggles to support himself and his mother by selling doubles (Trinidad’s quintessential street food). When his estranged father returns from Canada unexpectedly, Dhani must decide if he will help save his father’s life despite their strained relationship.

    Title: No Soca, No Life (US Premiere)
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago
    Year: 2012
    TRT: 30 mins
    Director(s): Glenford “Kevin” Adams
    Synopsis: OLIVIA IS a teenage girl from an impoverished community with a fabulous singing voice, honed in the church choir. When she decides to use her talent to sing soca, however, Olivia must face many hurdles — not least of all stiff opposition from her mother.

    Title: I’m Santana, The Movie (People’s Choice)
    Country: Trinidad & Tobago
    Year: 2012
    TRT: 52 mins
    Director(s): Roger Alexis
    Synopsis: I’m Santana is a comedy/drama based on the popular digital puppet, Santana who battles himself and others to cope with the social ills of his community and his love for Janice.

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  • Stuart Wilson Releases New Single, “Three Kings”

    The Artist Continues to Make His Mark

    “Three Kings” is the latest single to be released by rapidly rising Reggae Artist Stuart Wilson, whose music continues to hit the right note with fans, DJs and critics around the world.

    Born in the Cayman Islands to a Jamaican father and Caymanian mother, his diverse roots can no doubt be heard in what is quickly becoming a style known for its soulful delivery of heartfelt melodies, as well as lyrics that will echo for generations to come. The artist is a gifted singer/songwriter and guitarist.

    This track is one that captures not only the emotion of a genre that was created out of struggle, but also the celebratory spirit of triumph that has accompanied the African Diaspora throughout history. In a word, it is pure GOLD….

    Written and composed by Wilson, the song was recorded at the world famous Mixing Lab Studios in Kingston, Jamaica and was produced and mixed by musical extraordinaire Clive Hunt, whose credits include Beres Hammond, The Abyssinians, Richie Spice, Garnett Silk and the Rolling Stones among others.

    Love Culture Entertainment, which is Wilson’s record label and Production Company, co-produced the track.

    “It’s a blessing to work with the best and Clive is as good as it gets. He understands Reggae and how to bring music alive. It was a joy to record this tune, as well as to be in the company of greatness, which ultimately came out in the result,” noted Stuart Wilson.

    Wilson’s band Love Culture provided the instrumentation to compliment the artist’s lightning sharp vocal delivery. This cast included Orlando Vaughn/”Bounty” as he is known, on keyboards, Orian Powell on drums, Michael Rowe on Bass Guitar and Dusaine Solomon on guitar.

    The next step for Stuart Wilson and his band Love Culture, according to the artist, is to continue to record and promote high quality Reggae music, in addition to touring and delivering spellbinding shows across the globe.

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