Singing Melody's Reggae’s Influence on the 2012 US Presidential Election!

Politics has always influenced Reggae music. As the genre emerged over the years, artists used their voices as a vehicle in support of, or to speak out against issues originating from the political arena.

Singing Melody, arguably one of the most celebrated Reggae artists, lends his voice to the upcoming US Presidential election, and in support of the political campaign of Barack Obama.

Participating in political discussions, canvassing, and being a poll station volunteer in South Florida, Singing Melody is actively in support of the Obama administration. “If we don’t take a stand and become active in the upcoming election, decisions will be made for us, and I don’t think we’ll like what those decisions are” said Melody from Jamaica ahead of his departure for South Florida where he’ll work from a campaign office and drive elderly voters to the polls. “What is encouraging is to see how many people from the Caribbean, now living in the US, are involved in this process. We will make the difference.”

As a resident of Jamaica and South Florida, Singing Melody sees the impact of the political process on his neighbours, and Floridians in general. “This election doesn’t just affect Americans, it affects all countries around the world. I haven’t heard Romney mention anything about relations with Jamaica and the Caribbean, yet the Caribbean has been a focus to the Obama administration.”

In a document entitled ‘Latin America and the Caribbean: U.S. Policy and Key Issues for Congress in 2012,’ the Obama administration lays out its focus for the Latin and Caribbean region by stating: “Current U.S. policy toward the region is focused on four priorities: promoting economic and social opportunity; ensuring citizen security; strengthening effective democratic institutions; and securing a clean energy future. There has been substantial continuity in U.S. policy toward the region under the Obama Administration, which has pursued some of the same basic policy approaches as the Bush Administration. Nevertheless, the Obama Administration has made several significant policy changes, including an overall emphasis on partnership and shared responsibility.”

Americans take to the polls on Tuesday November 6th, 2012 where they have the option to vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney or re-elect President Barack Obama who is a Democrat.

Upcoming for Singing Melody includes a Mini U.S. Tour including performances with Beenie Man in November, Christmas in Jamaica and New Years Eve in New York. In early 2013, Melody hits Europe and Japan.

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