Nakedi Debuts New Single, "Sweet Thang"

Nakedi Debuts New Single, “Sweet Thang”

South African Artist Brings R&B Gobal

South African artist Nakedi brings his brand of R&B music to the global sound stage with the release of his latest single, “Sweet Thang,” now available worldwide from digital retailers including iTunes and Amazon, from his very own label, Naked Eye Entertainment.

The idea behind the sentimental song is a very simple one, according to the entertainer. “It’s a message about love, about truth and about pure intimacy on the deepest level,” reveals Nakedi. “It’s a reminder of how we felt when we were young, when we were kids. When we had that carefree kind of love. This is just a reminder that it can be like that as we are grown, and trying to make it in this crazy life with someone chosen just for you.”
Nakedi takes on double duty as both a singer and songwriter. He hails from Pretoria, a capital city of South Africa, and now resides in Johannesburg. His love for music was kindled at a young age of 14 when he started to write and perform songs on stage. When this love for music solidified, he started taking weekend piano lessons with jazz musicians to explore different avenues of the arts. When the opportunity came to study a music degree, he decided instead to follow a computer science major, and to become a computer programmer and take the corporate route. However, his passion for music never died but stayed alive like a torch in the dark. His favorite past time has always been writing and producing songs, which are now ready to be released and shared with the world.

Nakedi, who has a slew of fresh tracks in the works, also has previously-released tunes under his Naked Eye Entertainment imprint. His hits include “Run With It” in 2011, and “What Ever,” released earlier this year. The remix of “What Ever” is dubbed “What Ever You Want,” and will be released later this month.

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