Versatile displays act of altruism

Versatile Gives Back to his Community

Recording artiste Versatile made a donation of two brand new HP computers to the Boundbrook Primary on school grounds. A past student of the school the artiste thought it was his personal duty to give back.

“It is my personal duty to give back to my community, to help to build my community. That is where mi start dj some a mi first songs and was given the encouragement to be who I am today. Then, I was only a little boy name “Little Shotta,” who dreamed to be an so mi can never forget where mi come from”. Versatile said
He continues “Contrary to what some people may think, and say the artistes dem just for the hype and all for themselves, that a nuh mi still. Mi believe in giving back, me believe in helping as much as mi can, a suh mi mother grow me.”

Versatile is hailed by many Portlanders, for his act of altruism and was featured on a popular site in Portland, called Portlanders news. The principal of the Boundbrook Primary school also extended her gratitude to the artiste for his donation and urges other past students to take a page from his book.

When he is not busy being charitable, the artiste is tirelessly working to supply the demand of more good music to dancehall. Versatile has been getting a lot of love for one of his latest songs “Party Yah Nice” on the Beach Life riddim, produced by E5 Records and distributed by 21 Hapoilos.

The artiste is gearing up to release the video for the song in this coming week. The video features a vibrant Versatile having fun and “holding a vibes” with his friends on the beach. The video was shot in Portland at his annual beach party, Beach Cawvinz and is set to be premiered on all major local TV stations.

“So far I have been getting nothing but forwards for this song. It a get a good play on radio, on the streets and me know say when the video drop, it a go mad!”

The artiste is working closely with Kush Nights who have teamed up with him to make some positive move towards the advancement of Versatile’s career.

Fans can keep up with versatile by following him on Instagram and on twitter @versatileami and on facebook as Sheldon Versatile Taylor

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