The Summer of Stein – Jamaican Artist Hits High Notes with U.S.

Jamaican artist Stein, formerly Einstein, takes on U.S. audiences this summer, and is achieving great success with a slew of current hit singles. With three of his new tracks gaining airplay on New York’s HOT97, participating in a Russell Simmons-lead school tour, releasing his first single under his own record label, and preparing his debut album, it is truly the summer of Stein.

Emerging in 2007, Stein made a name in the dancehall game as a prolific lyricist, penning tunes that both entertained and provoked. He has also inked several hits for dancehall giants Bounty Killer and Beenie Man. Initially spewing hardcore lyrics, Stein’s current sounds have evolved with more global content, style and appeal.

“It is summer time year round in Jamaica and dancehall music was originally about partying, having fun and enjoying the vibes,” reveals Stein. “I’m capturing that timeless, international flavor of dancehall music in my current singles, and I hope my longtime fans and new ones can enjoy themselves, in and out of the dance halls.”

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Working with the top producers in Jamaica adds unique flavor and flair to each of Stein’s current singles, most of which are being played on radio in Jamaica and on reggae specialty programming worldwide. Three of his singles are currently garnering coveted airplay on U.S. urban radio authority, HOT97 in New York City, played by Massive B’s Bobby Konders. The three hit tracks are “Shell Dung The Party” (Chimney Records), “Visa Buddy” and “Again & Again” (Cashflow Records).

His humanitarian side sees Stein giving back to the community as he is currently participating in a Russell Simmons initiative – a New York City school tour that promotes peace to students. This has Stein performing alongside the likes of rappers such as Maino, to high school students from Brooklyn to the Bronx. Stein was embraced on this tour as students sang along, word for word, to all of his songs (see video below). “Youths are our future and you have to support them in positive ways,” discloses Stein. “I’m eager to get involved in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean to do the same outreach there.”

Stein Performs at the Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, NY on June 11, 2012

Stein also releases his first single on his very own label New Planet Records, with the lover’s rock duet “Long Distance Relationship,” featuring dancehall princess Tiana. The single hits all major digital retailers worldwide on July 3, and is being distributed by FOX FUSE. This is merely the tip of the iceberg for Stein, as he prepares for the release of his debut album, which is currently in production.

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