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The Melo Groove Steele Orchestra keeping Pan Culture alive Written by Jason Walker-   Steel Pan or steel drums were created in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago in the early 1930s. The Steel Pan is a unique form of musical expression, but the origin of steel pan started centuries before in Africa. Africans brought the concepts of drumming and festival which would eventually evolve into Carnival when the Spanish and then British-ruled Trinidad & Tobago.  There was even a period in 1877 where the British government tried toRead More
Tropicalfete is once again inviting you to a great day of cultural vibe, arts and entertainment for this year’s Caribbean Cultural Showcase on June 25, 2017 (Sunday) from 2PM to 4PM. This is to be held at Von King Park – Almira Kennedy Coursey Amphitheatre, 670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216 (Marcy Ave., Tompkins Ave.) The audience will be taken on a cultural journey that includes dance, theater, masquerade, steel pan music, spoken word, live band and stilting.   Thanks to the generous support of New York City Council MemberRead More
David Kirton carries Barbados with him wherever he travels.  “Barbados is where the stories of my music are from, when I share a piece of me, I share a piece of home”. His new single ‘I Won’t Forget‘ fills a space held close to our hearts. A space reserved for works of art, poems and songs, Universal values  that speak of tradition, love, history and ways of life held dear for generations.   ‘I Won’t Forget‘ was recorded in Barbados at Canefield Studios, a mere 200 yards from the NewtonRead More
“They didn’t care. A steelband man, you have sticks in your pockets; you would be the subject of police harassment.” That is the opening line from Panomundo (the promo), a 7-minute video that explores the history of the steelpan. The film uses a series of interviews to give an account of the hardships that the pioneers of the steelpan faced. Award-winning filmmakers, British director Keith Musaman Morton and American producer Charysse Tia Harper, travelled to Trinidad & Tobago in January 2012 to uncover how the steelpan, which originated from anRead More