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REGGAE AMBASSADORS THIRD WORLD RELEASE NEW SINGLE “EYES ARE UP ON YOU” ON JULY 28 EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY DAMIAN MARLEY New Studio Album To Follow This Year   Celebrating over 40 years in music, one of the most pivotal reggae bands of all time Third World will drop their new single “Eyes Are Up On You” (out July 28, 2017)Ā off their upcoming full-length album. The song and album are both produced by Damian Marley and will be released on Ghetto Youths International. Third World’sĀ bassist Richard Daley explains why this musicalRead More
On February 26, 2013, Meta and the Cornerstones released the first single, My Beloved Africa, from their forthcoming album, Ancient Power, featuring Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. Meta Dia, born in Senegal, pays tribute to his homeland with My Beloved Africa by reflecting on the ancestry, rich history and resilience of a people who have been faced with unspeakable hardships. The raw emotion communicated through the lyrics displays Meta’s pride in what he calls, “Africa, my place of birth.” About his experience working with Damian Marley, Meta remarks, “It was trulyRead More