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"Success is Imminent. Soca Artiste Sets 'Good Music' Trend from NYC"

There’s a new guy on the scene and he’s prepared to go to any lengths to prove his strength. In Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean where soca music is prevalent and carnivals a natural part of the “islandlife” landscape, he knows there’s enough room for him and others like him, so he’s coming hard and he’s pushing with maximum force. There’ll be no stopping De Postman.

Like an express delivery he’s arrived. “Fetaholic” is his second hit single released to the Trinidad and Tobago slate of DJs and radio personalities, programme directors and just about anybody on the entertainment and music scene who’s got something to do with ensuring the music reaches the masses. In fact, if you give this Brooklyn based soca lover a chance, he’ll peddle his music on the streets himself, CD cart and all. You see, he knows it takes a lot to win the hearts of Caribbean people when it comes to Soca music. He understands that getting the airplay is just 50% of the journey. He knows that what it really takes is a big mouth and the ‘go hard or go home’ attitude. In November, he’ll be touching down in T&T and don’t be surprised if you see him at the Piarco International Airport with a blow horn in hand. “Fetaholic” is a fetter’s anthem by every account. It’s got the right rhythm and the perfect tone to set the speed for the tipsy and tantalized in any fete. The song boasts a simple structure with bass that pounds the heart, tugging at every fibre of excitement that’s innate to the Caribbean soca lover. But don’t get it twisted. This song has the power to entice the newbie- tourist that is- the man or woman who hears the island rhythm for the very first time and quietly takes it all in. “It was made to hit hard, almost directly and while it’s not a power soca track, I believe it can have that effect- that make you move with your hands in the air effect, that everybody around the world has heard of when it comes to T&T carnival,” said the artiste.

For Sherwin Rogers, this is no hustle. He’s been around, listening and taking notes. This is his re-emergence really, having been on a hiatus for a while. Soca is embedded in him though, so even from behind the counter of his Trini inspired Bakery in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, he feels the tempo of T&T’s rhythmic Soca beat. It calls out to him, he says, and that’s a call he simply cannot ignore. “Fetaholic” has been unleashed and now, he awaits the tidal wave of excitement and enjoyment that’s expected. “A good song is a good song. This is a good song. If it’s denied a space this year, that will be a shame but at the end of it all, I’ll still be happy knowing that I shared it with the people of my country and the Caribbean – I’ll be happy that I shared a sweet part of me with my people,” he said.

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