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Sherry-Ann Luke adds “Sweetness” to the Soca world

POS, Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – For the 2016 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival season the latest addition to the Soca fraternity, Sherry-Ann Luke is putting a vintage spin on modern day Soca music with her latest groovy track ‘Sweetness’.

Since its release the young Carenage-based singer has gained the attention of Soca fans both young and old due to the song’s pulsating rhythm, classic calypso-like melody and catchy melodious hook.

‘Sweetness’ was written by Nigel Rojas, produced by Danté Pantin and mastered by MadMen Productions and according to Sherry-Ann, was inspired by the late Lord Kitchener’s Calypso hit ‘Sugar Bum Bum’. With this new track she plans to not only motivate waistline movement but to give audiences that much needed ‘sugar rush’ to get the party started.

Boasting a lifetime love affair with music, Sherry-Ann brings a wealth of performance experience to her professional career having entered and won both primary and secondary school Calypso competitions. Now in her second year as a professional Soca artiste she continues to build on the foundation laid by the very artistes that have influenced her which include Destra Garcia, Dense ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon, Calypso Rose and Singing Sandra.

She shared, “I believe that singing is the talent that the Almighty has blessed me with, and I am only involved in this industry because of the love and passion I have for music. I chose to sing Soca Music as opposed to any other genre because Soca music is my culture and I am very proud to be a Trinbagonian.”

At present, the charismatic, persistent and hard-working artiste is gearing up for a busy Carnival season while balancing her vocal training classes, strict workout regime at the gym and her job as a manager of a local seafood outlet.

She aspires to showcase her talent in various upcoming carnival fetes, competitions, and media interviews and possibly land an opportunity to be a frontline singer in a music band.
Sherry-Ann also revealed her plans to apply her unique musical delivery to a wider range of genres such as Chutney, Dance hall and Traditional Calypso and to also tour regionally and internationally.

The determined, up and coming Soca songstress who desires to one day collaborate with the likes of Groovy Soca Monarch Olatunji and Dancehall superstar Alkaline encourages her current and potential fans to support and follow her and her new track on social media.

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