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K.Rich – Soca Religion (2016 Soca)



noun – “a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion”

Every masquerader knows the gravitational pull that summons revellers onto the road. The trek through the streets on Carnival Monday and Tuesday is a divine procession, thousands of devotees enraptured in rhythm, melody, and creativity. Their hands outstretched, their faces cast toward the heavens, and their skin soaking in the rays of the golden sun, masqueraders answer an otherworldly call to worship.

This is a celebration of life and all its blessings.

This is an acknowledgement of all we are given.

This is the devotion of the sweetest music endowed to us by the Creator: Soca.

K. Rich is the chief devotee of this “Soca Religion”, officiating over the pulsating percussion and addictive arrangements of Bligh Productions, Morris Music and Anson Productions and indelible lyrics of Nkosi Blackburne, Kenneth Richards and Karlie Morris.

For 2016, celebrate the unparalleled beauty of soca music. Embrace the Soca Religion!

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