Richard “Righteous” Davis, born September 09, 1982.

From childhood music has been an important aspect of my life; it was and is my medium to express myself and my views. Working as a Security Officer in Port of Spain, on evenings I would freestyle with some friends on the corner of Frederick Street and Independence Square. From there every job, people who had a passion for music the way I do would gravitate to me. Until one day a co-worker introduced me to Akeunde, owner of Record Label, Jahlight Records and that is how it all began. Now that I have the opportunity I am glad to share a part of myself through music.
My singing name, Righteous, was suggested by Akeunde after listening to my music for the first time. He thought it was fitting to my message and style and I agreed. My message is love. Love in its true form, as from God to His children or a husband to his wife. Brotherly love, genuine love, agape love.

My main influences are the Bible and daily living. When you can see a little light in this dark world, it shows me that even one good deed, one voice, one song can make a positive difference. Some of the artists that influenced me over the years are Capleton, Sizzla, Jah Cure, Turbulence and Junior Gong. Their lyrical content and the style of their music captivated me.

My goals in the music industry are to live up to the name Righteous and to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the global arena with a different style of music and message. I will achieve this by putting God first every step of the way, through hard work and by ensuring that my songs always have positive uplifting messages. Each song must be better than the last; there is no ‘best song’ only better, better vibes, better quality and more positivity.

In terms of musical experience/background, having fun singing with friends and co-workers was the extent of my musical history, until in 2012, my musical experience really started professionally through Jah Light Records.

In the next five years with God on my side I must be a household name, but more importantly my message must be out there. My music must be the type that parents are happy their children are listening to. I would have truly represented myself as “Righteous” and not given way to lesser standards.

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